Lovegelato - It's as simple as 1... 2... 3...

Making your own ice cream doesn’t have to be difficult, three simple steps and you’re done!

It’s true, you can spend weeks, months or even years learning the art of Gelato making from some of the finest masters in Italy. But is that really necessary?
The team at Taylor UK believes  that it doesn’t have to be like that, adopting the philosophy of “Keep It Simple Stupid”.
Follow the three simple steps outlined below and you will be making your own amazing home made ice cream in hours not weeks!


Step One – Making a Base Mix

CH03 Ingredients
Professional ice cream recipes are very diverse and tend to be closely guarded secrets, this recipe is a simple starting point:
  • Whole Milk
  • Double Cream
  • Sugar
  • Stabiliser/Emulsifier Powder (there are too many to list only one)
Pour the milk and cream into a Frigomat pasteuriser and warm it to 40°C, combine the dry ingredients together in a dry container. slowly add this to the warm milk when it has reached 40°C. Allow the pasteuriser to complete its pasteurisation cycle – heating to 85°C and then cooling the mix back to 4°C. The whole process takes around 2 hours.


C119 NapolisStep Two – Churning Ice Cream

Personal preference takes over at this stage, the joy of making your own ice cream is that you can make whatever flavour you wish – Imagination is your only limit!
To make Vanilla: (boring I know)
  • Measure our 3.5 litres of your liquid Base Mix
  • Mix in 150g good quality Vanilla flavour compound
Pour the liquid vanilla base mix into a clean and sanitised Frigomat batch freezer. Select the automatic freezing function and watch your base mix become frozen ice cream right in front of your eyes. The freezing process takes around eight minutes. When the buzzer sounds, extract the frozen product into a Napoli container and pop it in the freezer to set hard.



Step Three – Serving Ice Cream

ISA Carrettino Classic
Your ice cream display is your shop window…
You could make the finest ice cream on the planet but if customers cannot see it they won’t come an buy it! Investment in a good quality display case is essential.
Serve your home made ice cream on a cone, in tubs or made into amazing dessert!

Check out our ISA refrigerated cabinets for more information on ice cream displays.



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