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Hygienic Scoop Washes

Make sure you keep the ice cream or gelato that you serve as pristine and perfect as possible…

Hygienically rinse your ice cream scoops and gelato spatulas between serves with a professional scoop wash from Loelsberg. 

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A iScoop Shower would be the ideal accessory for any ISA Gelato Display Cabinet

Many of the usual scoop washers leave much to be desired with respect to hygiene requirements – especially in the warmer summer, where bacteria can flourish in dirty scoop washes and containers. Dirty rinsing water passes from the scoop to the ice cream. Or, on the other hand, systems which use pure through-flow systems have high water consumption and involve high costs.

The i.Shower products from Loelsberg are designed to perfectly clean all types of ice-cream scoops, spatulas, and rinse glasses and blender jugs with the minimum consumption of water.

Save Water LogoThe water valves are opened by pressing the utensil on the activation disc. The item is always rinsed with fresh water from the discharge nozzles. Rinsing water runs away immediately. On removing the scoop/spatula from the activation disc the water valves are automatically closed again by the water pressure.

Less water consumption, greater economic efficiency – The use of an automatic shut-off valve enables an average of more than 50% water saving to be achieved compared to traditional dipper well systems with continuous water flow.

iSpatula Shower Spray DiagramMore hygiene, improved quality –The ice-cream scoop or spatula is always rinsed with freshwater – no more rinsing with dirty water or sanitiser.

i.Shower products can be disassembled quickly and completely. This enables easy cleaning of the rinsing container as well as the spray rinsing unit itself.

iSpatula Shower Spray Activation

Manufactured in Germany


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Loelsberg iSpatula ShowerLoelsberg iSpatula ShowerLoelsberg iSpatula ShowerLoelsberg iSpatula ShowerLoelsberg iSpatula Shower
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