Customer Story – Bison Grill, Rhug Estate

Too many customers, not enough time... It's every restaurants worst nightmare... Customers queuing out of the door and not being able to cook their orders fast enough. The team at the Rhug Estate had exactly that problem, here their story... As the General Manager of an already busy and successful Farm Shop, Restaurant & Takeaway Grill, Graham Webster certainly knows how important speed and consistency is when it comes to food. The Bison Grill & Farm Shop on the Rhug Estate, Corwen is a bustling ... Read more

Customer Story – Brownie Box

Brownie Box open shop number two and choose ISA cabinets to showcase their homemade brownies & cakes... Alex Markou, is the owner of Brownie Box, a successful family run coffee shop on the Old Brompton Road in London, specialising in brownie’s, cupcakes, muffins, pastries, bagels, croissants, birthday and wedding cakes amongst other things which are all made daily on their premises and served with a wide range of freshly brewed Barista Coffees. Toward the end of 2017, the opportunity arose at the much ... Read more

Customer Story – Fleur & Mimi’s

Fleur & Mimi's is the self-confessed, 'Latest Ice Cream Sensation' in North Devon... Ideally located on Ilfracombe's harbour wall, Fleur & Mimi's is perfectly located to capture as much passing trade as possible, both during the busy summer months but also in the winter when visitors are out walking along the harbour wall. Paul Prideaux opened Fleur & Mimi's a few years ago for his two daughters to run, who incidentally are called Fleur and Mimi... The shop started off as a traditional ... Read more

Customer Story – Rassams Creamery, Sheffield

Rassams Creamery is possibly the largest dessert parlour in Sheffield, located in a prime location on the corner of Beeley Street and London Road, this former gym is ideally positioned to maximise foot fall and impulse sales. Having previously opened other dessert parlours in Sheffield on a far tighter budget, Rassams Ali, owner of Rassams Creamery, had learnt from his past experiences and chose to 'do it right' by fitting out his newest store with some bespoke designed cabinets and displays made by ... Read more

Customer Story – Hungry Turtle

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza comes to SW6! (Psst... for those of you who don't live in London, SW6 is Fulham) Back in August 2017, Bechara Aoun opened the Hungry Turtle Pizzeria in Waltham Green Court, Fulham. This independently owned, artisan pizza restaurant brings you authentic Neapolitan style pizzas at a reasonable price in a comfortable setting, so whether you choose to eat in or take away, Hungry Turtle is the 'hottest' place around... So HOT it's almost on FIRE! To create their authentic Neapolitan pizzas, ... Read more

Customer Story – Puddings Coffee Shop

Marta's Challenge - from mobile phone store to Puddings Coffee Shop... Having become a celebrated artist, Marta Rice wanted a career change to follow her Family’s business roots in Poland... She wanted to open a wonderful coffee and dessert shop in her UK home town of Maidstone which would sell excellent coffee, deserts and puddings. Could the dream come true? Over 2 years ago, back in 2015, Marta contacted Taylor UK to find out about soft serve machines and to discuss her dream ... Read more

Top Story – Dessert Island

Buy Nice or Buy Twice... Ifraz Iqubal and his brother chose their new location in a residential area of Luton as there was little else around and their new concept could easily become the captive heart of the community. This approach may not be the obvious choice for most operators as people tend to usually look for busy high street locations thinking they’ll have the most custom. Opening close to where people live, makes Dessert Island accessible to everyone, attracting customer throughout ... Read more

Top Story – Give Froyo a Swirl in Lancaster

July 2017 saw the opening of a new Frozen Yogurt store in the UK - Swirl in Lancaster. Ben Smith, founder of Swirl, spends much of his time in America on business. During his time there, he's seen the rise in popularity of frozen yogurt and more noticeably that most of the stores out there use Taylor soft serve equipment to serve their frozen yogurt. So on his return to the UK, there was only one option in his mind when it ... Read more

Top Story – Frederick’s Ice Cream

Frederick's Fantastic Face Lift... Frederick's has been an ice cream making institution going right back to the 30's when it was founded in 1936. The Chorley shop still stands in it's original location on Bolton Road, which is also the location of Frederick's Ice Creams manufacturing factory. With additional shops located on Cuncliffe Street in Chorley and Mesnes Park in Wigan, Frederick's rightfully has the North West cornered when it comes to ice cream! Frederick's were’s North West Family Business of the ... Read more

Top Story – Dia La Pizzeria

Dia La Pizzeria is a well supported business with a town centre location in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. Having been established for almost 10 years, Shaun Metherm, owner of Dia La Pizzeria looked to Taylor UK for a new menu product to enhance their menu... The team at Dia La Pizzeria wanted to keep their customers interested in the business, looking to introduce new menu items which would keep existing customers coming back whilst attracting new ones at the same time. Shaun researched the ... Read more
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