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Taylor Touch Free

Taylor TOUCH FREE Upgrade your Taylor Heat Treatment soft ice cream freezer from the standard 14 day cleaning cycle to 28 days and take advantage of our new 'Touch Free' cleaning service. You'll never clean your Taylor Machine again! Subscribe to our TAYLOR TOUCH FREE cleaning service and you’ll never have to clean your Taylor heat treatment soft ice cream machine again. Our 28 day subscription cleaning service will remove the hassle of stripping and brush cleaning your machine providing more up-time, less downtime ... Read more
Broccoli in a Cone

Vegan Soft Serve

Soft Serve can be for everyone! Vegan - noun / a person who does not eat or use animal products  We all know that soft serve ice cream is usually made from dairy products (the clue's in the name) but over the past few years consumers have started to change their eating habits and the ice cream industry has tried to keep pace. The development of healthier options like tart frozen yogurt, which typically has half the calories compared to regular soft ice ... Read more
cone offer

Flavor Burst. The only way to make soft serve ice cream even more profitable!

Adding soft serve ice cream to your food service operation, kiosk or convenience store could be the most profitable decision you'll ever make for your business... Install a self-contained Taylor soft serve freezer into your business and you could see a return on your investment in a matter of months... Soft ice cream is a genuine impulse purchase loved by all generations whether that's children on the way home from school or adults out for a relaxing walk at the weekend. Everyone likes ... Read more
Taylor C152

Introducing the Taylor C152

The iconic Taylor 152 'Taylor-Mate' soft serve freezer has finally been retired after decades of reliable service to both major high street chains and independent operators alike. Picking up the challenge is the new Taylor C152... So, what are the differences? Styling & Design - the new C152 has been completely 'face-lifted' to bring it's design inline with the other machines with the Taylor soft serve equipment range. Hopper Cover - made from tough, impact resistant plastic the new hopper cover provides both thermal insulation ... Read more
Taylor Frozen Yogurt

Product Review – Taylor Frozen Yopiu

So you want to sell frozen yogurt from your soft serve machine? There are a number of products available in the market place, from ambient UHT cartons to a 'freshly frozen' product (that needs to be defrosted for 48 hours) prior to putting into your soft serve freezer. A far more convenient product is Frozen Yopiu. Our Yopiu Frozen Yogurt powder has a shelf life of up to 2 years which can be conveniently stored in an ambient environment. In its simplest form, all ... Read more

What’s the difference between soft ice cream & milkshake?

On the surface, UHT soft ice cream and milkshake mixes appear to be the same thing but in a different carton... there are a few fundamental differences... There are a wide range of different soft serve and milkshake mixes on the market these days, so this is a simple guide to explain the differences between the two. All mixes are typically made up from these ingredients: What's Ingredients are both included within a Soft Ice Cream and Milkshake Mix? Fats – The fat content is ... Read more
Taylor C161 Twin Twist

Equipment Review – Taylor C161 NEW for 2018!

The Twin-Twist has had a face lift... Introducing the Taylor C161 twin flavour soft serve machine, NEW for 2018! For all of you Taylor aficionados out there, the C161 is the next generation of small, counter top, gravity fed soft serve freezers which replaces the now obsolete Taylor Mate 161. Available NOW, the new evolution C161 has been redesigned to be more aesthetically pleasing whilst increasing operational efficiency. New features of the Taylor C161 include: Glass touch screen control with LED indicator lights - ... Read more
Taylor C716

Equipment Focus – Taylor C716 Heat Treat, Twin Twist

If you are looking for the king of soft serve ice cream machines, look no further! The Taylor C716, twin flavour, high volume, floor standing, pump fed, heat treatment soft serve machine is the perfect unit for any operator looking to capture impulse ice cream sales, to make ice cream blended thick shakes, desserts, sundaes and much more ridiculously large quantities. ‘Every one loves an ice cream cone, dessert, sundae or thick shake whatever day of the week it is and whatever the ... Read more
Flavorburst Review

Equipment Review – FlavorBurst FB80

What is the best way to make your soft ice cream stand out from the rest? Historically soft serve machines have been either one or two flavours and certainly a "twin twist" effect of vanilla with strawberry creates a valuable visual effect for business owners. However, with a FlavorBurst system, this visual appeal can be dramatically increased - driving customers to your door! "Soft ice cream sales create soft ice cream sales" - if potential customers see people walking away from your business with ... Read more

Product review: Super Sundaes to supplement your bottom line

Sick of selling the same old soft serve ice creams? Add some additional value to you soft serve offering by introducing simple sundaes to your menu. Read on to see how some simple recipes could make you re-think how you serve your soft ice cream. Maximise your profits by offering that ‘little something’ which will separate you from the rest… Ice Cream Sundaes don’t just have to be served in posh glassware, in restaurants and cafes with seats, although they can, and should… ... Read more
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