Product review: Super Sundaes to supplement your bottom line

Sick of selling the same old soft serve ice creams? Add some additional value to you soft serve offering by introducing simple sundaes to your menu. Read on to see how some simple recipes could make you re-think how you serve your soft ice cream. Maximise your profits by offering that ‘little something’ which will separate you from the rest… Ice Cream Sundaes don’t just have to be served in posh glassware, in restaurants and cafes with seats, although they can, and should… ... Read more
Frozen Yogurt with Raspberries

Tasty, tangy and totally profitable!

“Today’s coolest culinary phenomenon” Frozen yogurt has been a culinary phenomenon which, over the past few years, has rapidly expanded from Asia to America and then to Europe through the Middle East finally arriving in the UK. It’s cool, trendy and healthy appeal makes it the perfect addition for all food service operators The frozen yogurt culture is the new “cool food”. Its name recalls a healthy lifestyle and a light and modern diet, which continues to attract large numbers of consumers of ... Read more

Equipment Review: FlavorBurst™ – a flash of flavour, whilst adding value in seconds

The FlavorBurst™ FB80 syrup injection system is a revolutionary add-on that allows you to serve up to eight different flavours from a single soft ice cream or thick shake machine.  Do you have a soft serve ice cream machine? Is selling one single flavour all the time getting and in doing so getting a little repetitive? Are you looking for a unique product which separates you from all the other ice cream vendors? Then the FlavorBurst™ system could be the solution for ... Read more

Recipe of the month – Banana Split

Recipe of the Month Classic Banana Split (more…) Read more
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