Product review: Super Sundaes to supplement your bottom line

Product review: Super Sundaes to supplement your bottom lineSick of selling the same old soft serve ice creams? Add some additional value to you soft serve offering by introducing simple sundaes to your menu. Read on to see how some simple recipes could make you re-think how you serve your soft ice cream.
Maximise your profits by offering that ‘little something’ which will separate you from the rest…
Ice Cream Sundaes don’t just have to be served in posh glassware, in restaurants and cafes with seats, although they can, and should… Takeaway operators can also benefit from adding sundaes to their menus simply by using a range of clear cups or glasses typically used for smoothies and cold drinks or by using waffle baskets.
The simplest addition is to just add a flavoured sauce to the cup or glass before you add the ice cream. By drizzling a little sauce around the inside of the empty glass, when you add the soft serve, it will automatically mix into the ice cream, marbling it with the sauce. Drizzle a little extra sauce on top and you have an instant simple sundae – add extra toppings for additional value.
Product review: Super Sundaes to supplement your bottom lineGreat combinations include:
  • Strawberry sauce with crushed meringue’s – ‘Strawberry Pavlova’
  • Chocolate sauce with marshmallows & brownie pieces – ‘Rocky Road’ or ‘Mud Pie’
  • Lemon Sauce with crushed digestives and crumbled meringues – ‘Lemon Meringue Pie’
For that something extra, why not try a classic Banana Split…
Banana Split Ingredients:
  • 1x Banana, peeled and cut in half length ways
  • 3 Different sauces – Strawberry, Chocolate and Toffee
  • Whipped Cream
  • Glace Cherry & chopped nuts to garnish.Product review: Super Sundaes to supplement your bottom line
Place the two banana halves in the bottom of a suiable dish, dispense three swirls of soft ice cream between the banana halves. Top each of the ice cream swirls with a different sauce and then top each swirl with a little whipped cream. Liberally scatter chopped nuts over the whole dish and garnish with a glace cherry for that truly retro look.
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