Equipment Review - FlavorBurst FB80

Equipment Review – FlavorBurst FB80What is the best way to make your soft ice cream stand out from the rest?

Historically soft serve machines have been either one or two flavours and certainly a “twin twist” effect of vanilla with strawberry creates a valuable visual effect for business owners. However, with a FlavorBurst system, this visual appeal can be dramatically increased – driving customers to your door!

“Soft ice cream sales create soft ice cream sales” – if potential customers see people walking away from your business with a fantastic looking, amazing cone or tub of great flavoured soft ice cream there’s a good chance they’ll stop and buy one too…

What makes people come to your shop for an ice cream instead of going to your competitors? Make your ice cream offering more exciting,

Equipment Review – FlavorBurst FB80

C708 Cart & FB80

Equipment Review – FlavorBurst FB80more desirable and more enticing to make children bully their parents into buying one from you.

Designed to deliver eight precise flavours of syrup direct to the cone at the push of a button, the effect is creates is the ultimate visual “must have” impulse purchase. The FlavorBurst FB80 system can usually be retro-fitted to most makes and models of soft ice cream freezer, upgrading your old machine into something new for the coming seasons. Alternatively, the FlavorBurst can be paired with any Crown series Taylor machine, contact the Taylor UK sales office today to find out more!

Additionally the speed of service is completely unaffected and your counter will be clear from bottles of topping syrups and customers flow easier meaning better queue management and even more profits!!

Existing FlavorBurst users report an increase in soft ice cream sales by as much as 30%, following the addition of a FlavorBurst system to their business.

FlavorBurst Soft Ice Cream – Profit Projection

Plain Cone FlavorBurst Cone
Selling Price £1.60 £2.00
Less VAT* £0.26*
Sub Total £1.34 £1.66
Less Product Cost £0.12** £0.16**
Profit per Portion £1.22 £1.50
Average Daily Servings 45 45
Nett Daily Profit £54.90 £67.50
Selling Days 250 250
Potential Nett Annual Profit £13,725.00 £16,875.00

*VAT at 20% **Product cost based on 2.5oz portion of soft ice cream


To find out more about FlavorBurst systems or Taylor soft ice cream equipment either call the Taylor UK Sales Hotline FREE on 0800 838 896 or e-mail us at

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