Gelato Making Ingredients

Gelato Ingredients – What you need and why…

Everything you need and why you need it... The whole ethos of gelato is that it’s healthier than ice cream, this is achieved by using the best quality ingredients possible and not compromising on those ingredients. Put rubbish in, you’re going to get rubbish out… The word gelato doesn’t just refer to dairy based products, ‘fruit gelato’ doesn’t have to contain any dairy and would be referred to as either sorbet or water ice in the past. The individual components or ingredients of gelato ... Read more
Broccoli in a Cone

Vegan Soft Serve

Soft Serve can be for everyone! Vegan - noun / a person who does not eat or use animal products  We all know that soft serve ice cream is usually made from dairy products (the clue's in the name) but over the past few years consumers have started to change their eating habits and the ice cream industry has tried to keep pace. The development of healthier options like tart frozen yogurt, which typically has half the calories compared to regular soft ice ... Read more
TurboChef Panini Toastie

Recipe Suggestion – Top Toasties

A cheese toastie is a cheese toastie, right? I mean, it's the first meal that most of us learn how to cook at home by ourselves. It's the perfect midnight snack or soup-dipper. It's great for kids but is never turned down by an adult. It's gooey, crisp and comforting in all the right ways. There's toasties and then there's TurboChef TOASTIES. When you're faced with perfect toastie, globules of cheese slowly oozing out of the edges, a pure, even golden-brown face, you know even ... Read more
margarita lime cocktail

Product Review – Christmas is coming, break out the Cocktail Shaker!

Christmas and cocktails were made for each other! The party season is on the horizon and frozen drinks have never been as popular as they are right now. Read how to build the ‘perfect’ Frozen Margarita… It’s generally agreed that the components of a ‘Classic’ Margarita are tequila, triple sec, and fresh lime juice. The secret to a great Margarita is proportions; balance accounts for the difference between a good drink and a bad one. Drinks, like food are subject to personal opinion – ... Read more
Taylor SB2150

Recipe Review: Frozen Beverage Bonanza…

  We've created a number of different recipe ideas for frozen drinks to show just how easy it is to make everything from shakes to frozen coffees to cocktails all through your Taylor SB2150 shaved ice blender!         “Thick Shakes” 1.5 floz (40ml) Flavour Syrup Concentrate (Fabbri Mixy Bar™ for example) 3.5 floz (100ml) Liquid soft ice cream mix (Pritchitts Comelle™ or similar) 7 oz Shaved ice and blend in your SB2150 Fruit Slush 2 floz (55ml) Flavour Syrup Concentrate (Fabbri Mixy Bar™ for example) 3.5 floz (100ml) Cold water or soda 7 oz ... Read more

Product Review: Super Smoothies and Shakes through the Taylor SB2150 shaved ice blender

Chilled drinks, frozen smoothies, coffees and shakes are some of the fastest growing product areas in the beverage market. All kinds of operators from Cafes and coffee shops to bars and restaurants have seen a rapid increase in frozen beverage sales in recent times. The Taylor SB2150 could be the perfect addition to any business looking to capitalise on the new growing craze in frozen drinks. Does the ability to serve a wide range of frozen beverages from fruit smoothies and shakes ... Read more

Product Review – The Perfect Pizza through your TurboChef Conveyor Oven

I've never met anyone who didn't like pizza. Of course, Italians can't take all the credit for what is quite simply the world's best snack; as the Oxford Companion to Food points out, the linguistic link between pizza and pitta is surely no coincidence. Taylor UK’s Chef shows you how to make his perfect pizza… (more…) Read more
frozen drinks

Product Review – Frozen Cappuccinos & Fresh Frozen Lemonade

What attracts new customers to your business? Does the idea of freshly made frozen lemonade and iced cappuccino, made using your own coffee blend sound like a great idea? (more…) Read more

Tart aux Pommes – Ice Cream

Recipe of the Month Tarte aux Pommes Ice Cream - find out how to make this tasty 'apple pie' flavour ice cream (more…) Read more
burger 2

Product Review: How to Make the Perfect Burger…

What goes into your perfect hamburger, and what goes on top? The hamburger may well have originated in Europe, but it took the ingenuity of the Americans to see the true potential of this magical lump of seasoned meat to make it the true classic that it is today. (more…) Read more
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