Product Review – Frozen Cappuccinos & Fresh Frozen Lemonade

Product Review – Frozen Cappuccinos & Fresh Frozen LemonadeWhat attracts new customers to your business? Does the idea of freshly made frozen lemonade and iced cappuccino, made using your own coffee blend sound like a great idea?

Frozen beverages; the perfect accompaniment to any food service business, ideal for cafes, coffee shops and quick service restaurants. The Taylor 370 twin frozen beverage machine could be the perfect, simple, addition your business giving you the opportunity to provide unique, delicious frozen drinks.

Do you use a blend of coffee, unique to your business? Does the idea of using a generic ‘off the shelf’ frozen coffee blend not appeal to you? Why not make your own using your own coffee….

Frozen Cappuccino Recipe

  1. Brew 60, 1oz shots of your espresso (a great way to use up excess grinds at the end of the day)
  2. Stir in 520g sugar (make sure it dissolves)
  3. Add the coffee mixture to 7.5 litres whole milk

Pour this mixture into a Taylor 370 frozen beverage machine and freeze.

Optional Ingredients:

1-2 tablespoons ground Cinnamon (add to espresso whilst it’s hot)

Flavoured Syrup – approximately 200ml per batch

Why not introduce ‘specials’ to your drinks offer? What’s better than a nice glass of freshly made frozen lemonade?

Frozen Lemonade Recipe

  1. 7.5 litres cold water
  2. 1 litre Freshly squeezed Lemon Juice
  3. 800g sugar

Mix/stir all of the ingredients together in a clean pail. Make sure all the sugar dissolves fully before pouring into your frozen beverage machine.

Product Review – Frozen Cappuccinos & Fresh Frozen Lemonade

Advantages of a Taylor 370 include:

Small footprint – allows the units to go on most back counters

Simple to operate – No specialist training required

Easy to clean – clean required every three days for dairy products, every seven days for non-dairy.

Flexible – The 370 can be used with a wide range of different drink styles without the need for special re-calibration.

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