Tasty, tangy and totally profitable!

Today’s coolest culinary phenomenon

Tasty, tangy and totally profitable!Frozen yogurt has been a culinary phenomenon which, over the past few years, has rapidly expanded from Asia to America and then to Europe through the Middle East finally arriving in the UK. It’s cool, trendy and healthy appeal makes it the perfect addition for all food service operators

The frozen yogurt culture is the new “cool food”. Its name recalls a healthy lifestyle and a light and modern diet, which continues to attract large numbers of consumers of all ages. A transversal phenomenon which attracts new customers, convincing the sceptical at the very first taste.

The key considerations for a new Frozen Yogurt operator include: being cool, distinguish yourself from others, underline your own identity, accurately select your target market, and be sure to have variable product lines that can be adapted to different consumers – breakfast, snacks, lunch, desserts, sports meetings and dinners.

Daniel Kim, Chief Executive of Red Mango was quoted: “Nowadays, customers aren’t just coming in for the frozen yogurt, but also for the “chill” store settings. Moving away from the outdated ice-cream parlour environment, modern froyo stores include high-end furniture, Wi-Fi, flat-screen televisions, and live musical performances. “We’re trying to create the coffeehouse environment,” says chief executive of Red Mango, Daniel Kim. “We’re creating an ambiance, a point of relaxation, a meeting place.” In addition, this trendy setting is a hot spot for not only teenagers and college students, but also business professionals who desire a more casual atmosphere to chat with their clients. Best of all, with this refreshed decor, store owners can bump up their prices to $5 for a large serving of frozen yogurt or even $7 with additional toppings without taking a hit on their rate of customer return.”

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The soft serve frozen yogurt market can and must be faced at different levels, from the national chains selling hundreds of portions every day to the independent retailer or coffee shop wanting to increase footfall, average spend and profits or a restaurant owner aiming to create a health conscious-orientated menu. Therefore the professional joining the business of frozen yogurt has to have the correct equipment and ingredients to design and produce a fulfilling and unique taste experience, with exactly the right balance between acid and sweet, fresh and creamy, and that’s where Taylor UK can assist in so many ways.

Frozen yogurt, express yogurt, yogurt gelato, smoothies or yogurt drinks….every one of these products can be the success key of an attentive producer. Following these principles of flexibility, frozen yogurt can be successfully sold in almost all food service applications.

NOW is the time to speak with Taylor UK; specialists in supplying soft serve frozen yogurt equipment and irrefutably the UK’s market leader by a long way. We can assist in offering advice on equipment, product suppliers, recipe formulation, and operator training as well as providing a complete aftercare package of support.

Tasty, tangy and totally profitable!If you want to produce your own ‘in house signature yogurt’ we can provide the very best in Frigomat batch freezers and pasteurisers. Additionally we can supply top quality refrigerated ISA display cabinetry to optimise your ‘shop window’ maximising footfall and boosting profits! If you are considering opening your own yogurt store, or adding yogurt to an existing business we could assist with shop planning, layouts, CAD drawings, equipment supply, shop fitting and project management.

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