Thick, Rich & Outrageously Creamy! (and it happens to be vegan too...)

Dappa - Thick, rick and outrageously creamy.

For a long time, people have been looking for a viable non-dairy or vegan alternative to regular soft ice cream and the guys at DÁPPA may have finally cracked it!

DÁPPA soft serve is nut based. This removes the need for regular dairy as the fats and proteins which usually come from milk and cream now come from a secret blend of cashews and almonds. The result is a truly indulgent soft serve product which just happens to be vegan.

To quote @lotseats, a personal food blogger on Instagram; “Vegan ice cream that actually tastes like dairy ice cream.” @lotseats continued, “I happened to stumble across this vegan soft serve from @getdappa, and knowing it was free of milk and cream, I didn’t have high expectations. Lo and behold, this was as tasty as the normal soft serve I usually indulge in… you absolutely wouldn’t know it was dairy free.” 

DÁPPA soft serve is a great option for any foodservice operator. The rich, indulgent texture of the product, flavoured with real Madagascan vanilla, will make it appealing to all demographics both vegans and meat eaters alike… As a result, operators can add soft serve and shakes to their existing operation which are accessible to most customers and won’t need to worry about having multiple product options (dairy and non-dairy for example) or potentially disappointing some of their clientele.

Great for cones, tubs, shakes, or…

DAPPA vegan soft serveDÁPPA soft serve is as adaptable as regular soft ice cream. The product can be easily dispensed into tubs or on cones and topped with whatever treats and sauces you wish to create sundaes. Alternatively, to add additional value to your operation and maximise your equipment investment, the vegan soft serve can be blended with a little almond milk and flavours to create thick, rich and creamy, dairy free shakes.

What do you need to start serving DÁPPA?

Taylor C152 Soft Serve Freezer

Taylor C152

To start selling DÁPPA soft serve you will need a soft serve machine like the Taylor C152. This compact, counter top machine is ideal for businesses looking to add soft serve and shakes to their offer without having to make a huge investment or commit too much space. The Taylor C152 is countertop, air cooled and operates on a regular 13amp plug, which means installation is easy. Capable of producing 3-4 3.5oz tubs every minute, the Taylor C152 is perfect for cafes, coffee shops and kiosks.

If you are looking to be a little more ambitious, then a larger Taylor soft serve machine may be more suitable like the Taylor C706 which can produce 13-15 3.5oz tubs every minute. These larger machines require bigger power supplies and have a few more things to consider when installing them.

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Additional advantages of using DÁPPA soft serve…

  • 1 Bag of DÁPPA soft serve mix can make 1.8Kg of finished soft serve, or the equivalent of 12 x 5oz portions
  • A day’s mix can be prepared before the serving shift and stored in a refrigerator prior to pouring into your Taylor soft serve freezer
  • DÁPPA ingredients can be stored ambiently and have a long shelf life
  • DÁPPA soft serve has very low wastage. The dairy-free nature of the product means equipment only needs to be stripped and cleaned once a week and machines can be kept on standby over night
  • DÁPPA can supply all the necessary ingredients required to make amazing sundaes and shakes using the soft serve as a base

For more information on DÁPPA soft serve and to find a list of retailers already serving DÁPPA, visit

If you’re interested in selling DÁPPA soft serve drop the DÁPPA team an email at

Don’t forget to check out their Instagram – @getdappa


Thick, Rich & Outrageously Creamy! (and it happens to be vegan too...)
Article Name
Thick, Rich & Outrageously Creamy! (and it happens to be vegan too...)
Introducing DÁPPA soft serve. A nut based soft serve ice cream which is as thick, rich and creamy as regular ice cream. But just happens to be vegan too!
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    Coatings please for Dappa

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      Hello Mr Clifford, for costings on the Dappa soft serve product, please enquire directly will Dappa by emailing kind regards, Taylor UK

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