Flavor Burst. The only way to make soft serve ice cream even more profitable!

Adding soft serve ice cream to your food service operation, kiosk or convenience store could be the most profitable decision you’ll ever make for your business…

Taylor C152 Soft Serve Freezer

Taylor C152 Soft Serve Freezer

Install a self-contained Taylor soft serve freezer into your business and you could see a return on your investment in a matter of months…

Soft ice cream is a genuine impulse purchase loved by all generations whether that’s children on the way home from school or adults out for a relaxing walk at the weekend. Everyone likes to treat themselves and nostalgic treat at a reasonable price point means everyone will be tempted to buy one…

A regular vanilla 2.5oz soft serve cone has a typical selling price of £1.50 and a product cost of as little as 15 pence. That’s a net profit per portion of £1.10!

100 Vanilla Cones Profit Example

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The only way we know of that can make a vanilla soft serve cone MORE PROFITABLE is adding a Flavor Burst Syrup System into the mix…

FlavorBurst FB80 Cones

Flavor Burst Syrup System

The Flavor Burst system is the perfect add-on to any Taylor Crown series soft ice cream machine, giving you the ability to serve soft ice cream cones and desserts with up to eight great flavours of syrup rippled directly onto the ice cream straight from the machine. No more messy topping sauce bottles! The automatic process means that any staff member can operate the machine with minimal training; simply choose the flavour (or flavours as the machine can serve multiple flavours in the same serving) and pull the dispense handle.

Adding a Flavor Burst syrup to your soft serve adds ONLY 10 pence to the product cost but creates a finished product which you can charge significantly more for!

100 Flavor Burst Cone Profit example

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Maybe you want to make your business stand head and shoulders above the rest… Then a Flavor Blend System could be what you’re looking for…

C707 with optional FlavorBlend System

Taylor C706 with FlavorBlend System

The Flavor Blend system, exclusively available from Taylor UK, is the only machine on the market which can blend syrup flavours throughout soft serve ice cream as it’s being dispensed from the machine. The touch screen interface can be customised allowing the operator to add their own unique branding as they require. The systems allows multiple flavours to be selected producing almost endless combinations of flavour in each serving.

The Flavor Blend system uses slightly more syrup than the Flavor Burst option but the additional product cost is easily recouped as the end product which you serve can demand a higher selling price. It’s adding value to your ice cream without adding any more effort!

 100 Flavor Blend Cones Profit Example


To find out more about the amazing Flavor Burst Systems, call the Taylor UK Sales Office on 0800 838 896, email or complete one of our enquiry forms and your local Taylor Sales Manger will contact you discuss how Flavor Burst could benefit your business.

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