Product Review - Taylor Frozen Yopiu

Product Review – Taylor Frozen YopiuSo you want to sell frozen yogurt from your soft serve machine?

There are a number of products available in the market place, from ambient UHT cartons to a ‘freshly frozen’ product (that needs to be defrosted for 48 hours) prior to putting into your soft serve freezer. A far more convenient product is Frozen Yopiu.

Our Yopiu Frozen Yogurt powder has a shelf life of up to 2 years which can be conveniently stored in an ambient environment.

In its simplest form, all you need to do is mix 6 litres of skimmed milk (fresh or UHT) with 1 bag of Yopui powder in a suitably sized bucket or jug, leave it for 10 minutes to re-hydrate then pour it into your Taylor Soft serve freezer.

If you want to serve a creamier ‘more yogurty’ tasting product, simply reduce the quantity of milk to 4 litres and add 2kg of fat free natural yogurt to the mix. Alternatively, if you want sharper, tarter tasting product which has an icier texture it’s a simple case of changing the recipe to 2 litres water, 2 litres milk and 2kg of natural yogurt.

Product Review – Taylor Frozen YopiuThe flexible nature of the Frozen Yopiu powder from Taylor makes it perfect for operators with limited space and a frequently changing menu. As long as you stick to the 6 litres to one bag principle you can create a product unique to your business. If you want to flavour it you can; To make chocolate Froyo simply dissolve cocoa powder into some milk then use that milk to re-hydrate the bag of of Yopiu. Adding fruit purees, such as mango will create a wonder Mango Frozen Yogurt, just watch the sugar content and stick to the 6 to 1 ratio!

Some people in the past have said that a powdered product tastes synthetic and grainy, this is not the case with Yopiu, once mixed, all you have to do is allow the product to re-hydrate for 10 minutes at room temperature and you’ll never know it was made from powder, a convenient and consistent product available all year round.

Product Review – Taylor Frozen Yopiu

Taylor C723
Twin Flavour

The Taylor C722 and C723 soft serve freezers are the perfect choice for those looking to serve frozen yogurt in their business. Both machines have agitator paddles in the hoppers which gently stir the liquid mix, keeping it evenly distributed ensuring a perfect product is served. The C722 with it’s pump system is the machine for those looking for a higher overrun, softer product whereas the C723 is the one for operators looking for a more dense, firmer finished product. The slow output of gravity machines also makes them ideal for self-serve applications.

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