Perfect Fry Special Offer

Perfect Fry Special OfferTaylor UK Exclusive Special Offer!


Perfect Fry PFA Ventless Deep Fryer


Carter Hoffmann CNH14 Crisp ‘n Hold


£9,995 +VAT

IN STOCK – Delivered in just 3 to 5 WORKING DAYS!*


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Perfect Fry Special Offer

Perfect Fry PFA

Not all businesses have the luxury of space, especially in the kitchen. That’s where the Perfect Fry ventless deep fryer comes in! The built-in air filtration system cleans the air before venting it from the unit. As a result, the Perfect Fry does not need to be located beneath extraction hoods allowing the Perfect Fry to be positioned almost anywhere, even front of house on a back bar!

The Crisp ‘n Hold compliments the Perfect Fry perfectly! During busy periods, batch cooking popular items and hot holding them speeds up serving times, increasing throughput and maximising profits.

Perfect Fry Special Offer

CNH14 Crisp ‘N Hold

Ideal for cafes, concessions stands, kiosks, kids plays centres, cinemas, in office canteens and serveries, pubs, garden centre cafes, takeaways and so much more!

Perfect Fry Special Offer

*Delivery in 3 to 5 working days following receipt of payment. This offer is subject to existing stock levels at time of publishing. Taylor UK reserves the right to with draw this offer at any time without notice.

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