ISA Refrigerated Projects

ISA Refrigeration – Add On, Add in, ALL In!

Taylor UK has been a key partner for ISA professional refrigerated equipment and custom shop fitting in the UK for over 10 years. We specialise in the foodservice retail sector supplying standalone display cabinets, ‘drop-in’ refrigeration solutions and custom designed, complete bespoke shop fitting. Reasons to choose Taylor UK... • One-to-One Account Management – Our ISA Projects managers support you from initial consultation to installation and aftercare. • HTG Service – All of our ISA products from a single display cabinet, through to a complete ... Read more
ISA Metro Combi

ISA serve up the perfect combination for food display

Are you short on space but long on products? Metro Combi combines grab and go and assisted service, refrigerated and ambient The new Metro Combi display cabinets from ISA are now available from Taylor UK. The Metro Combi is designed to be a flexible solution for foodservice businesses. It combines a refrigerated grab and go area and an enclosed upper compartment for assisted service, which can either be refrigerated, ambient or warmed. Constructed from food safe stainless steel with clear glass walls to improve ... Read more
ISA Metro Shop Display Counter

Introducing the NEW Metro ST & ST SELF

Small size, high volume and great versatility. The new Metro The new Metro comes in two different configurations; ST with glass fronts and ST SELF with open fronts for grab & go sales. Each version of the Metro comes with ventilated refrigeration. This means its the perfect display cabinet for showcasing both fresh and pre-packaged products. The Metro ST can be specified in three different options; chilled for preservation of fresh produce, humidity & temperature controlled for the perfect display of chocolates and pralines, or as ... Read more
ISA Smartflex

ISA Smartflex – Hygienic, Energy Efficient Refrigeration

Smartflex Touch-Free Technology ISA's latest range of energy efficient multi-deck refrigerated displays utilise patented Smartflex touch-free technology. This latest generation of display fridges have clear poly-carbonate windows to keep the cold in and open automatically when a hand goes to enter the cabinet. There's no handles to pull or buttons to push, the customer only touches the product that they're going to buy creating a clean, hygienic environment. The exclusive technology patented by ISA that enhances product visibility but significantly lowers power consumption. Thanks ... Read more
pozz nap

What’s the difference between Pozzetti and Napoli Containers?

Napoli or Pozzetti... What are they and what's the difference? Both are containers for the display of ice creams and gelato in a parlour display cabinet. The simplest explanation of the difference between Napoli & Pozzetti containers can be as simple as... one is rectangular the other is Round/cylindrical but there's a little more to it than just that... A Napoli is the most common type of display container used in the UK. They're rectangular when looking from above and available in several volume ... Read more
ISA One Show

Equipment Review – OneShow from ISA

New for 2018, ISA has released the OneShow.  These stylish, Italian designed display cabinets are available in both Gelato and Pastry configurations giving you the opportunity to transform your shop with a complete display solution which looks amazing whist still being functional! There's a number of variations of the OneShow cabinets; Free, Base and Standalone All three versions of the OneShow utilise ISA's clear poly-carbonate Napoli containers to provide the maximum visibility possible for your gelato, ice creams or chilled pastry products which is ... Read more
ISA ACTION Check Out Cabinets

Equipment Review – ACTION Check Out Cabinets

How does capturing some extra sales at the tills sound? Locate some high margin, luxury impulse purchase items in a check out display next to your till queue and you'll be amazed how many additional sales you could make. The ISA Action is a a versatile check out refrigerated display cabinet that can be used for displaying either refrigerated or frozen pre-packaged retail merchandise. The adjustable controls allow you to operate the unit either as a fridge at +1-5ºC for the display of drinks, ... Read more

Equipment Review – ISA KELLY P80 ‘Jewel Cases’

Are your pastries & cakes like gems? Do your chocolates sparkle like diamonds? Why don't show them off in a way which they deserve... Introducing the KELLY P80 range exclusively from ISA. These jewel case cabinets allow you to showcase your cakes, pastries, chocolates, sandwiches, savouries and so much more... The glass upper structures provide great visibility for your products showing them off as well as possible, the low level allows customers to look into the cabinets from above to get a really good view! Kelly ... Read more
Espositio banner

Top Story – Esposito Cafe

MAKING PARK-LIFE 'BELISSIMO'! Danny Esposito, owner of Esposito Cafe's in Widnes & Runcorn, knew he needed to make a statement when he was given the opportunity to open two new café & gelato parlours in two newly built public park visitors centres. Danny commented; “I had to make an instant impression on the local public. I needed to find something to make them want to come and visit us again and again”. Danny quickly realised the best way to attract his customers was ... Read more
ISA Bermuda

NEW Equipment – ISA Bermuda

Introducing the Brand New Bermuda Ice Cream Cabinet. Budget Price with Professional Performance!!   ISA’s Brand new Bermuda Ice cream dipping cabinet has just been launched in the UK; a promotional cabinet but delivers a professional performance with its ventilated refrigeration - a feature unique to a cabinet of this type. Ice cream cabinets within this price range and size usually operate using static refrigeration, meaning the ice cream at the back of the cabinet tends to be colder than the front. They rely on ... Read more
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