ISA Refrigeration - Add On, Add in, ALL In!

ISA Refrigeration – Add On, Add in, ALL In!Taylor UK has been a key partner for ISA professional refrigerated equipment and custom shop fitting in the UK for over 10 years.

We specialise in the foodservice retail sector supplying standalone display cabinets, ‘drop-in’ refrigeration solutions and custom designed, complete bespoke shop fitting.

Reasons to choose Taylor UK…

• One-to-One Account Management – Our ISA Projects managers support you from initial consultation to installation and aftercare.

• HTG Service – All of our ISA products from a single display cabinet, through to a complete shop redesign are supported by the HTG Service customer service & support centre. Operating 364 days of the year, nationwide.

• A Complete Solution – Design, Build, Install, Maintain.

Add On… Plug-In Refrigerated Display Cabinets

The perfect way to add new products to your offer without the need to redesign your shop layout, simply plug and play!

• Promotional – Ice cream display cabinets ideal for convenience store retail. The simple designs allow them to be easily customised with decals or wrapping.

• Professional Gelato – Showcase your home-made gelato in the most impactful way possible. Choose from 12 to 24 pan capacities, with almost endless options on colours and finishes.

• Serve Overs – Chilled, ambient or humidity-controlled retail displays ideal for farm shops, delis, cafes, bakeries, coffee shops and convenience stores.

• Grab ‘n Go – Open fronted refrigerated displays ideal for the safe display of pre-packaged foods.

• Retail Multidecks – upright displays ideal for quick service applications, convenience stores and small supermarkets.

ISA Refrigeration – Add On, Add in, ALL In!

Add In…  Abaco ‘Drop-In’ Refrigeration Solutions

Your project design, our technology…

ISA Refrigeration – Add On, Add in, ALL In!Abaco is an extensive range of drop-in refrigerated units and counters which are supplied ‘bare’ without any external panels or finishes.

They’re designed to be built-in to your own shop fitting designs allowing you to finish them however you wish.

• Sound structure – The structural elements are press-folded in AISI304 stainless steel as well as the shelving and the cell compensators. The work surfaces are made from 10/10 stainless steel with BA finish. The sinks come with recessed surround as standard.

• Perfect visibility – All display cases and shelves are made of extra-clear glass as standard to ensure complete product visibility. Display cabinets are illuminated by high power LEDs.

• Sustainable – All the elements of the Abaco range are foamed with CO2 expanders and are equipped with natural refrigerant R290 fully compliant with F-GAS and Energy Label & Eco-design regulations.

• A range of excellent showcases – From the minimalist Flat display to the large storage capacity of the self-service or serve-over multiservice display case, as well as the innovative combined display case. The Abaco range also includes a highly innovative ice cream display case. DLT80 is the only professional display case with a double row of 5-liter tubs which is only 80 cm deep. Furthermore, it’s perfectly aligned with Drop-in counters and allows for complete frontal and lateral customisation, since the condenser the condenser ventilation is located at the rear.

• IoT 4.0 with ISA Connect – ISA’s IoT technology enables connected products for remote monitoring. The operation of the refrigerated displays and counters is under control 24/7 all year round.

ISA Refrigeration – Add On, Add in, ALL In!

ALL In… Foodservice Retail Design & Shopfitting

Bakeries, Delis, Cafes, Dessert Shops, Coffee Shops, Farmers Markets, Ice Cream Parlours, Self-Serve Restaurants, Bars and so much more…

Our ISA Projects team can turn your ideas into reality!

Whatever type of foodservice business you operate, our team can turn your foodservice retail areas into a show stopping space which looks amazing but still maintains great operational efficiency.

• FREE Consultations – Our ISA Projects Team will meet with you in your premises to discuss your ideas and aspirations. Working through ideas to maximise the available space in line with the relevant budget.

• Design – A number of initial designs can be created to work through the different operational, aesthetic and financial requirements to find a solution which balances all aspects for the success of the project.

• Colours, Materials & Finishes – ISA custom projects can be specified in a very wide range of different RAL colours, materials and finishes which can matched with existing designs. There’s a finish to suit every budget!

• Line Drawings & 3D Renders – Once a design has been chosen, precise line drawing can be created with digital renders to bring the project to life.

• Build – All custom designed projects are manufactured from scratch by ISA in Italy. Cabinets, counters and bar bars are pre-fabricated in the factory to ensure an exact fit and finish before being transported to the UK for installation.

• Installation – DIY or leave it to us. Completed projects can be produced on a ‘supply only’ basis leaving the final installation you your chosen shop fitting team. Alternatively, we can offer a complete service, managing all aspects of the installation process.

ISA Refrigeration – Add On, Add in, ALL In!

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