What's the difference between Pozzetti and Napoli Containers?

Napoli or Pozzetti… What are they and what’s the difference?

Both are containers for the display of ice creams and gelato in a parlour display cabinet.

The simplest explanation of the difference between Napoli & Pozzetti containers can be as simple as… one is rectangular the other is Round/cylindrical but there’s a little more to it than just that…

What’s the difference between Pozzetti and Napoli Containers?

What’s the difference between Pozzetti and Napoli Containers?

Standard 5 litre Napoli

A Napoli is the most common type of display container used in the UK. They’re rectangular when looking from above and available in several volume capacities in order to suit your chosen capacity. We refer to the 5 litre Napoli as a ‘standard Napoli’ which has the dimensions 360mm long, 165mm wide and 120mm deep. But they do come in a range of different shapes and volumes. Most professional gelato display cabinets, especially those manufactured by ISA can be configured to display a combination of different Napoli sizes in the same serving area.

What’s the difference between Pozzetti and Napoli Containers?

ISA Gelato SuperShow

Napolis are usually made from stainless steel and are re-usable. Commercial ice cream manufactures will usually sell their products in plastic Napoli inserts which are designed to slot into a regular stainless steel Napoli so once they’re in the display cabinet they look ‘homemade’. ISA have a range of 360° visibility displays which use Napoli containers which are manufacture from clear poly-carbonate which gives the Gelato chef the ability to create some truly amazing looking creations.

What’s the difference between Pozzetti and Napoli Containers?The Pozzetti, sometimes referred to as a Carapina, is a traditional way of storing or serving ice creams and gelato. Pozzetti display cabinets don’t ‘display’ the product to the customer in the visually impacting way which Napoli cabinets do. They hold them in individual cylindrical containers which are usually 7 litres in volume but can be found in 3 litre sizes, each have their own lid/cover. Technically this is a far better way of storing ice cream as it maintains the temperatures better and What’s the difference between Pozzetti and Napoli Containers?helps preserve the product for longer, especially when the serving temperature is quite ‘warm’ (-10°C opposed to -14/16°C). Well established gelato business prefer the pozzetti method for this reason as their customers return because of their reputation not necessarily based on visual impulse.

ISA manufacture Pozzetti or Carapina versions of some of their cabinets. Each cylinder can have their own refrigeration system allowing the operator to store and serve different styles of product, at different temperatures from the same unit.

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