Equipment Review - ACTION Check Out Cabinets

Equipment Review – ACTION Check Out CabinetsHow does capturing some extra sales at the tills sound?

Locate some high margin, luxury impulse purchase items in a check out display next to your till queue and you’ll be amazed how many additional sales you could make.

The ISA Action is a a versatile check out refrigerated display cabinet that can be used for displaying either refrigerated or frozen pre-packaged retail merchandise.

Equipment Review – ACTION Check Out CabinetsThe adjustable controls allow you to operate the unit either as a fridge at +1-5ºC for the display of drinks, dairy items or flow-wrapped chilled items or as a freezer at minus 18ºC for the retail display of frozen items like wrapped ice creams, frozen desserts or other high margin impulse products.

The functional flexibility of the ISA Action allows store owners to offer seasonal goods for example tubs of ice cream in the summer, additional chilled party food at Christmas or chilled beverages all year round without the need of having to buy additional equipment.

Standard features include:

  • LED, energy efficient overhead canopy lighting
  • Night ‘domes’ to save energy when the shop is shut
  • Compartment dividers to keep produce organised
  • ‘Hot-Gas automatic self defrosting system
  • Ventilated refrigeration, to enhance product conservation

The ISA Action is available in two sizes 76cm wide or 106 cm wide making them perfect for most applications.

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