Introducing the NEW Metro ST & ST SELF

Small size, high volume and great versatility. The new Metro

Introducing the NEW Metro ST & ST SELF

The new Metro comes in two different configurations; ST with glass fronts and ST SELF with open fronts for grab & go sales.

Each version of the Metro comes with ventilated refrigeration. This means its the perfect display cabinet for showcasing both fresh and pre-packaged products.

Introducing the NEW Metro ST & ST SELF


The Metro ST can be specified in three different options; chilled for preservation of fresh produce, humidity & temperature controlled for the perfect display of chocolates and pralines, or as a heated option to slow the cooling of freshly baked pies or pasties.

Both the Metro ST and ST SELF cabinets come in a choice of heights and widths. The H117 version is fitted with two refrigerated glass shelves and the H135 option has three fully refrigerated shelves. Any of the cabinet options are available in 1 or 1.3 metre widths. This flexibility makes the Metro easy to install almost anywhere.

Perfect for bakeries, canteens, cafes, leisure centres, supermarkets and much more. Want to find out more? Simply fill in the quick enquiry form and one of our product experts will be in touch!

Lot’s of options… one product!

Introducing the NEW Metro ST & ST SELF


“Natural” Advanced Technology – The refrigeration system in the Metro is a first-class example of advanced technology and sustainability. The use of R290 natural refrigerant, ultra-efficient watertight compressors and electronic fans lowers both vibrations and noise levels. Whilst having the additional benefit of greater energy efficiency (up to 10% savings compared to older styles of compressor) and maximum environmental sustainability, because it is fully compatible with European F-GAS legislation.

Eco-Sustainable Insulation – The Metro utilises insulation with natural CO2 foam which provides excellent insulation performance while helping to preserve the products perfectly and reducing power consumption.

Visibility – The Metro is ideal for showcasing your products. It has a low front with spacious glass areas for maximum product visibility. The rear glass sliding doors and height-adjustable
tempered glass shelves add to the overall attractive aesthetics.

Introducing the NEW Metro ST & ST SELFLighting – The upper part of a standard Metro is lit by LED bars. LED lighting provides significant energy savings compared to conventional bulbs. They also have the added benefit of not creating any heat. This ensures that the products in display case do not warm up.

Make your shop counters really standout!

Display – The easy-to-use display adds a touch of design to the display case. It is also fitted with a repeater display to show the temperature to customers, providing peace of mind.

Insulating glass – Insulating glass means you can control even the most challenging climatic conditions, eliminating problems caused by condensation.

Customisation – The lower part of the sides, the front panel and ventilation grilles come in Bianco White as standard but can be customised with your choice of RAL colours as required.

Increased efficiency, reduced footprint…

Access and Loading Products – In the ST version, front access to the case is through an opening towards the bottom of the glass panel. This opening is fitted with an end stop and safety mechanism which prevents damage. The watertight seals on the front glass reduce heat dispersion. As a result it helps to save energy, and prevents external contamination entering the cabinet which maximises hygiene.

In the ST Self version, there is a night-time closure curtain: integrated in the front part of the upper glass panel to reduce power consumption when the business is closed, or at quiet time.

Sliding Rear Doors – On the operators side, the Metro is closed by insulated glass doors and a PVC sheet which slide on wheels with bearings for easy operation. The sliding doors increase the load capacity of the display while reducing the overall footprint of the display case. As a result, these benefits can simplify daily use, making your operation more efficient.

Handling – The Metro display cabinets are supplied with adjustable feet as standard. But can be optionally fitted with caster wheels and rear brake.

Easy cleaning – The inside of the case has a display surface divided into two parts that can be easily removed to facilitate daily and unscheduled cleaning. The enlarged 1-inch drain hole and siphon prevent contamination from external odours.

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