Customer Story – Rollers Cafe

Roll up to Rollers Cafe for delicious pizzas, subs and cinnamon rolls... With three shopping centre based locations in and around the Manchester area, Rollers Cafe is a cafe chain owned and operated by Deji Adetujoye and her business partners.  Rollers Cafe began life in Spindles Shopping Centre, Oldham. The concept was simple; make an amazing range of cinnamon rolls fresh on site every day. Then serve customers good coffee and freshly baked treats every morning and throughout the day... The concept was a success and ... Read more

Customer Story – Bison Grill, Rhug Estate

Too many customers, not enough time... It's every restaurants worst nightmare... Customers queuing out of the door and not being able to cook their orders fast enough. The team at the Rhug Estate had exactly that problem, here their story... As the General Manager of an already busy and successful Farm Shop, Restaurant & Takeaway Grill, Graham Webster certainly knows how important speed and consistency is when it comes to food. The Bison Grill & Farm Shop on the Rhug Estate, Corwen is a bustling ... Read more
hungry turtle

Customer Story – Hungry Turtle

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza comes to SW6! (Psst... for those of you who don't live in London, SW6 is Fulham) Back in August 2017, Bechara Aoun opened the Hungry Turtle Pizzeria in Waltham Green Court, Fulham. This independently owned, artisan pizza restaurant brings you authentic Neapolitan style pizzas at a reasonable price in a comfortable setting, so whether you choose to eat in or take away, Hungry Turtle is the 'hottest' place around... So HOT it's almost on FIRE! To create their authentic Neapolitan pizzas, ... Read more
dessert island

Top Story – Dessert Island

Buy Nice or Buy Twice... Ifraz Iqubal and his brother chose their new location in a residential area of Luton as there was little else around and their new concept could easily become the captive heart of the community. This approach may not be the obvious choice for most operators as people tend to usually look for busy high street locations thinking they’ll have the most custom. Opening close to where people live, makes Dessert Island accessible to everyone, attracting customer throughout ... Read more

Top Story – 20 years of Rational, now it’s time for a change…

Why pay for features that you never end up using... In September 2016 Bekim Behrami, Chef/Manager of Café 1 in Epsom, Surrey was presented with a dilemma... After twenty or so years of using Rational combination ovens he had to decide if he needed to go to the expense of a new Rational with all of its 'bells and whistles' or to opt for a simpler, more cost effective alternative. After a long chat with Dave Bradford, Taylor UK's South East of ... Read more
My Cookie Dough Banner

Top Story – My Cookie Dough

Freshly baked cookies, soft ice cream & blended shakes... The City of Cardiff is regarded as being in the top 5 of shopping destinations in the country. So in September of 2014 My Cookie Dough chose to open their first grab and go indulgent snack bar in the St. David's Shopping Centre to take advantage Cardiff's popularity. "My Cookie Dough" is a simple concept, serving delicious, freshly baked cookies topped with soft ice cream and offering thick shakes made by blending these two ... Read more
Gelato JOJO Banner

Top Story – Gelato JoJo

Gelato is a 'GoGo' at Gelato JoJo's! Having over 15 years of experience in the ice cream industry, Jason Unwin of Gelato JoJo knows a thing or two about quality. When he decided to take the plunge and start making his own scoop ice cream, he wanted only the best quality display cabinets for his new venture, he gave Taylor UK a call to find out what options he had from the range of refrigerated cabinets available from ISA. Jason said; “I had seen ... Read more
Espositio banner

Top Story – Esposito Cafe

MAKING PARK-LIFE 'BELISSIMO'! Danny Esposito, owner of Esposito Cafe's in Widnes & Runcorn, knew he needed to make a statement when he was given the opportunity to open two new café & gelato parlours in two newly built public park visitors centres. Danny commented; “I had to make an instant impression on the local public. I needed to find something to make them want to come and visit us again and again”. Danny quickly realised the best way to attract his customers was ... Read more
Burger Corner Banner

Top Story – Cornering the Burger Market

Setting up a fast food outlet on your own can be a daunting prospect, which is why Mohammed Modasser, owner of Burger Corner in Keighley, West Yorkshire entrusted the supply of business critical equipment for his new venture to Taylor UK. Having previously worked for one of the major high street fast food chains, Mohammed took the plunge and decided to set up his own burger offering creating Burger Corner and with the help of key pieces of equipment from Taylor, he's taking ... Read more
dozen frozen yogurt

Top Story – YoZen opens in Woking

Grass, graffiti & clouds combine to create one of the funkiest new frozen yogurt stores to open in the UK. Every inch of the new YoZen frozen yogurt store which has recently opened in Woking, Surrey is either covered with graffiti, blue skies or grass! Making this frozen yogurt store quite unique. As you walk into YoZen, your feet are greeted with lush green grass (all be it fake) as the bright blue ceiling shines down on you which can't help but make ... Read more
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