Customer Story - Rollers Cafe

Customer Story – Rollers CafeRoll up to Rollers Cafe for delicious pizzas, subs and cinnamon rolls…

With three shopping centre based locations in and around the Manchester area, Rollers Cafe is a cafe chain owned and operated by Deji Adetujoye and her business partners. 

Rollers Cafe began life in Spindles Shopping Centre, Oldham. The concept was simple; make an amazing range of cinnamon rolls fresh on site every day. Then serve customers good coffee and freshly baked treats every morning and throughout the day…

Customer Story – Rollers CafeThe concept was a success and business in the morning was amazing but would slowly fizzle out as the day went on. Deji looked at the various options available with the intention of extending the Rollers menu to include more savoury items. The business already had the equipment and skills to make fresh dough for their cinnamon rolls, the obvious addition would be making their own pizza dough and offering their customers the chance to create their own freshly made and baked to order pizza.

Rollers sourced a TurboChef 1618 conveyor oven to bake their pizzas. The operation is simple; take an individual, oval shaped raw dough pizza base and top with whatever toppings the customer would like, whether that’s boring old pepperoni or pineapple, chicken and jalapeno, the choice is theirs! Place the prepared pizza on the conveyor belt and in as little as two and a half minutes you have your own freshly baked, personalised pizza. 

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Customer Story – Rollers CafeTo compliment the new pizza menu, Deji also added a range of hot sandwich items to the menu. Customers can now choose from a selection of hot ‘sub style’ sandwiches and paninis, all of which are freshly made in store each day. To ensure that customers are not kept waiting, Rollers chose the TurboChef Sota rapid cook oven to quickly heat and toast their hot sandwich items giving them the ability to toast a panini in only 60 seconds!

Deji commented; “We added pizzas and sandwiches to our cinnamon rolls to give us broader menu options for families. We produce all of our own products and adding pizza and sandwiches enable us to cater for those who don’t have a sweet tooth”.

We asked Deji a few questions regarding her decision to extend her menu and why she chose Taylor UK…

“I already had a TurboChef which I had bought from an independent supplier but I wasn’t really happy with the initial service which I received from them. I then contacted Taylor UK and they gave me the support which I needed and the confidence that we could roll it out to multiple stores”.

Has extending the menu been a success?

Deji continued; “We are now busy continually now thanks to our new lunch offering, in fact it is now our busiest period! We attract more customers and certainly more families as we can offer a savoury option to compliment our sweet treats”.

The success of the original site in Oldham has given Deji the confidence to expand the Rollers Cafe concept in to two other shopping centres in the Manchester/Oldham area.

If your in the North West of England and fancy a treat, why don’t you visit Rollers Cafe for yourself? They have three locations:

  • Spindles Shopping Centre, Oldham
  • Manchester Arndale, Manchester
  • Elk Mill Retail Park, Royton


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