Customer Story - Hungry Turtle

Customer Story – Hungry TurtleAuthentic Neapolitan Pizza comes to SW6!

(Psst... for those of you who don’t live in London, SW6 is Fulham)

Customer Story – Hungry TurtleBack in August 2017, Bechara Aoun opened the Hungry Turtle Pizzeria in Waltham Green Court, Fulham. This independently owned, artisan pizza restaurant brings you authentic Neapolitan style pizzas at a reasonable price in a comfortable setting, so whether you choose to eat in or take away, Hungry Turtle is the ‘hottest’ place around… So HOT it’s almost on FIRE!

To create their authentic Neapolitan pizzas, the Hungry Turtle team began with developing their own dough recipe. Once that was perfect, they needed to find a pizza oven which could reach the very high cooking temperatures required to re-create the hearth fired style of pizza which they were looking for. You would think this was just a simple case of ‘Googling Pizza Oven’ and the problem will be solved but this isn’t always the case… Traditional wood fired pizza ovens weren’t an option as local regulations wouldn’t allow any smoke to be vented out into the environment, regular multi-deck bakers ovens simply wouldn’t fit in the kitchen and were economically unrealistic.

Customer Story – Hungry TurtleWith a little more searching, Mr Aoun found Taylor UK and more specifically the TurboChef FIRE. The Fire pizza oven from TurboChef can recreate the high cooking temperatures found in traditional pizza ovens, heating to 450ºC where the internal catalytic converter helps reduce any smoke and odour from being vented into the atmosphere. The small footprint makes it ideal for most any applications as it doesn’t take up excessive, valuable space.

Customer Story – Hungry TurtleBefore Mr Aoun purchased the Fire, he visited the Taylor UK Demonstration kitchen with David Bradford, Taylor UK’s London sales manager, where they tested the Hungry Turtle pizza dough through the Fire Oven to see how it performed… The results were amazing, with a little ‘tweaking’ of the cooking temperatures and bake times, near on perfect results were achieved. Two TurboChef Fire ovens were initially installed at the Hungry Turtle for the grand opening but it’s proved so successful a third oven was installed in October to help them keep up with demand!

We asked Mr Aoun his opinion… Why did you choose the TurboChef Fire?

“The Fire can produce an excellent finished product, the same that can be found from traditional wood fired ovens, but without the initial or operational expenses associated with them. The Fire has lower running costs and doesn’t require the same skill level to get the results you want.”

“Choosing the Fires reduced our initial start up and staffing costs and the cooking speeds reduced waiting times without compromising the quality of the pizzas.”

Why don’t you visit Mr Aoun and his team at the Hungry Turtle and try one of their amazing Neapolitan Style Pizzas, they can be found at:

Hungry Turtle, 1 Waltham Green Court, Fulham, London, SW6 2DH

Facebook: @HungryTurtlePizzeria


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