Top Story - Cornering the Burger Market

Top Story – Cornering the Burger MarketSetting up a fast food outlet on your own can be a daunting prospect, which is why Mohammed Modasser, owner of Burger Corner in Keighley, West Yorkshire entrusted the supply of business critical equipment for his new venture to Taylor UK.

Having previously worked for one of the major high street fast food chains, Mohammed took the plunge and decided to set up his own burger offering creating Burger Corner and

with the help of key pieces of equipment from Taylor, he’s taking the big players on from a level playing field. Top Story – Cornering the Burger Market

“I knew the quality of the Taylor machinery from when I worked for a popular fast-food chain” Mohammed revealed, “What was an additional bonus for me was the advice, help and speed of response that my Taylor UK sales manager gave me”.

Top Story – Cornering the Burger MarketAs global supplier to major international chains, Taylor Company produces equipment specifically for the fast food trade. Mohammed chose a Taylor L820 twin clamshell grill for cooking his burgers quickly and to order. A Taylor C707 soft ice cream machine for his sundaes and desserts and a Taylor 430 FlavorBurst to make his thick shakes in nine different flavours.

Mohammed added “I simply had to have a Taylor Clamshell Grill, I’d used one in the past and knew that the speed, consistent cooking and ease of Top Story – Cornering the Burger Marketuse would be fundamental to my business’ success. We can cook burgers to order in seconds, meaning they are fresh and it gives us a real edge over local competition”

“My customers love our shakes, where else can you have a choice of 9 different flavours?! I have to say that from the initial conversations right through to the equipment installation and after-care, Taylor UK have been fantastic. The equipment is first class and having the Taylor badge in our shop lets our customers know we mean business!” Mohammed enthused.

If you’re ever in West Yorkshire, check out Burger Corner for yourself, it can be located at: Burger Corner, 9-11 Low Street, Keighley, Bradford, BD21 3PJ

Taylor UK offer complete solutions for fast-food outlets. To take advantage of this solution to increase sales and maximise profitability call the Taylor UK Sales Hotline on 0800 838896 or visit NOW!!

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