Equipment Review - ISA KELLY P80 'Jewel Cases'

Equipment Review – ISA KELLY P80 ‘Jewel Cases’Are your pastries & cakes like gems? Do your chocolates sparkle like diamonds?

Why don’t show them off in a way which they deserve…

Introducing the KELLY P80 range exclusively from ISA.

Equipment Review – ISA KELLY P80 ‘Jewel Cases’

These jewel case cabinets allow you to showcase your cakes, pastries, chocolates, sandwiches, savouries and so much more…

The glass upper structures provide great visibility for your products showing them off as well as possible, the low level allows customers to look into the cabinets from above to get a really good view!

Kelly P80 ‘Patisserie’ – a refrigerated display cabinet with static refrigeration ideally designed to preserve your cream cakes and delicate pastries in pristine condition without excess airflow drying them out.

Kelly P80 ‘Snack/Deli’ – a refrigerated display with ventilated refrigeration perfect for sandwiches, savouries and deli items. The ‘blown air’ refrigeration ensures even distribution of the cold, preserving menu items exactly as you want them for your customers. This cabinet is also available as a 90 degree corner display.

Equipment Review – ISA KELLY P80 ‘Jewel Cases’Kelly P80 ‘Gelato’ – This professional, ventilated ice cream display is available in multiple sizes from 8 to 17 flavours using standard 5 litre Napoli pans.

The Kelly P80 range can be supplied as individual, standalone cabinets which can be added to any existing shop design, they ventilate through the front and rear meaning that they can be ‘butted up’ against other cabinets on either side. Alternatively they can be ordered as a small ISA project where they can be joined together to create a professional, continuous display.

Equipment Review – ISA KELLY P80 ‘Jewel Cases’

The front panel is customisable at no additional cost. Simply provide us with the standard RAL colour details for your shop design and we will have your cabinet manufactured with your own personal coloured front panel making it fit in perfectly!

With a simple 13amp power supply and air cooled ventilation, the Kelly P80 range is the ideal cabinet range for every operator big or small.

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