ISA serve up the perfect combination for food display

ISA serve up the perfect combination for food displayAre you short on space but long on products?

Metro Combi combines grab and go and assisted service, refrigerated and ambient

The new Metro Combi display cabinets from ISA are now available from Taylor UK. The Metro Combi is designed to be a flexible solution for foodservice businesses. It combines a refrigerated grab and go area and an enclosed upper compartment for assisted service, which can either be refrigerated, ambient or warmed.

ISA serve up the perfect combination for food displayConstructed from food safe stainless steel with clear glass walls to improve product visibility. The Metro Combi’s angled design creates an eye-catching display that keeps a selection of food and drink available for customers to access, with the second level of products accessible to staff.

Both compartments can be used to store refrigerated food within -1/+7 °C, but the upper compartment can be switched to ambient or warmed storage via the simple to use rear mounted control panel.

Ideal for space limited operators!

The upper section is fitted with sliding polycarbonate doors, helping to keep products within it in perfect condition. This makes it ideal for displaying foods such as baked goods and pastries. Optional extras, like an additional shelf and a dry heat plate for the upper compartment, provide even more flexibility in creating the perfect storage display for a wide range of uses. The lower compartment features an integrated night curtain.

ISA serve up the perfect combination for food display“Combining grab and go and staff-accessed storage with a choice of refrigeration and ambient or warmed compartments will have many advantages to a range of businesses,” says David Lewis, ISA Projects manager of Taylor UK. “By allowing customers easy access to beverages and packaged food, while guaranteeing the hygiene of freshly made products, the Metro Combi delivers an extremely flexible and practical display solution.”

Multiple Metro Combi units can be multiplexed together to create a larger display counter, which can be configured to be separately controllable or suited as one.  The Metro Combi is available in two heights, 1170mm and 1350mm. The 1350mm unit features an additional shelf for extra storage. Both models are available in three lengths, 1000, 1300 and 1500mm.

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