ISA Smartflex - Hygienic, Energy Efficient Refrigeration

Smartflex Touch-Free Technology

ISA’s latest range of energy efficient multi-deck refrigerated displays utilise patented Smartflex touch-free technology. This latest generation of display fridges have clear poly-carbonate windows to keep the cold in and open automatically when a hand goes to enter the cabinet. There’s no handles to pull or buttons to push, the customer only touches the product that they’re going to buy creating a clean, hygienic environment.

The exclusive technology patented by ISA that enhances product visibility but significantly lowers power consumption. Thanks to its revolutionary system of mobile wings that open “on demand”,
Smartflex technology introduces a new concept of display units into the world of professional refrigeration.

Taking a conventional wall-mounted display unit as a reference, with the Smartflex technology, depending on use, you could obtain energy savings of over 40%.

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ISA Smartflex – Hygienic, Energy Efficient Refrigeration

The next generation of impulse shopping

ISA Smartflex – Hygienic, Energy Efficient RefrigerationImpulse purchasing – The door opening speed has become even more intelligent. You can get close to the unit to look in and the Smartflex will open the doors quickly when you move your hand to pick up a product and close efficiently without wasting time. It is possible to customise the distance/sensitivity and the automatic opening time of the doors.

ISA Smartflex – Hygienic, Energy Efficient RefrigerationLess barriers, more sales – Shopping basket? Babies in arms? Self-Service tray? Doing the shopping with one hand is no longer impossible thanks to Smartflex technology. The automatic doors enable customers to grab products on the go making purchases quick and easy.

ISA Smartflex – Hygienic, Energy Efficient RefrigerationReduced footprint – Fridge doors are a great way to reduce energy consumption but they are bulky. They don’t allow simultaneous purchases without queuing and they can be difficult for customers to see what’s in the cooler. Smartflex allows customers to see the products easily and the ‘wings’ don’t extend out from the display minimising the footprint and access required for the cabinet.

ISA Smartflex – Hygienic, Energy Efficient RefrigerationEnergy saving – Smartflex combines the advantages of accessibility of a refrigeration counter without doors with the necessity to reduce consumption and environmental impact, that is guaranteed by the doors.

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