Why Choose Eloma? Features & Benefits

Why Choose Eloma? Features & BenefitsThere’s so many options out there for combi and baking ovens, so why should you choose Eloma?

When investing in a new commercial combi or baking oven there are many things to consider when deciding on which brand to choose. Eloma differentiate themselves mainly due to high quality, intuitive operation and absolute reliability.

Highest technical level and reliability is a standard for Eloma products as they know this is what their customers need, as the equipment can make or break the show in a professional kitchen environment especially when the restaurant is booked out or at peak times.

“Eloma ovens exceed the requirements for reliability and intuitive operation. They’re easy to operate, easy to integrate and easy to implement. All with the highest standards. With an Eloma its easy!

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Eloma have developed their products according to the requirements of the professionals within the gastronomic, catering and food processing industry. They therefore offer a solution to establishments such as canteens and restaurants, butchers, bakers, caterers and food retailers where food processing takes place. As well as multi-operator chains, petrol station forecourts and convenience stores – to name a few.

Why Choose Eloma? Features & BenefitsHeavy Duty Construction

Eloma ovens are manufactured with more, thicker stainless steel parts and less plastic parts. 1.2 mm thick stainless steel is used for the cooking chamber which is unique in the market where the average thickness is only 0.8mm. Stainless steel used internally and externally: CrNi 18 10, BS 304 S 15, AISI 304.

Inverted Housing

Not just a hinge swap. The Eloma Joker can have the door hinges on either the left or the right and the control panel to compliment it. The Joker can Why Choose Eloma? Features & Benefitseven have the control panel on top with the choice of left or right hinged door. As a result, there’s an Eloma Joker which will fit the flow of your kitchen. Meaning the user interface is always directly in front of the operator and opening the door will not impede operation.

Unique to Eloma ovens, this provides the best ergonomic solution and routing keeping technical needs at the accessible side at all times.

Why Choose Eloma? Features & BenefitsLive Steam Injection

Fresh steam is available within a matter of seconds without pre-heating allowing perfect steam saturation. Economical and ecological with shorter cooking times, greatly reduced energy and water consumption.

Steam injection uses up to 42% less energy compared to traditional boiler technology.

Why Choose Eloma? Features & BenefitsChoice of Cleaners

Eloma Joker ovens with AutoClean Pro can be used with either liquid cleaners or solid tablets. The choice is yours. Each option has it’s benefits, it’s simply up to you which fits your business. The AutoClean Pro with liquid cleaners allows you to program when and how the oven cleans itself. Different levels of cleaning cycle ensure the oven is kept at it’s best without wasting excess chemicals and money.

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Why Choose Eloma? Features & Benefits

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