Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Varimixer Planetary MixersPowerful floor standing planetary mixers from Varimixer

Our new range of floor standing Kodiak planetary mixers, manufactured by Varimixer, are powerful units ideal for businesses who need the ability for high capacity, large batch mixing with no compromise on quality.

Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Kodiak 10

Designed after studying how mixers are really used in professional kitchens and bakeries, the Kodiak range helps to reduce heavy lifting and make cleaning and maintaining hygiene as simple as possible. Three floor standing models are available, with 10, 20 and 30 litre capacities.

Made from stainless steel, Kodiak mixers are designed to be able to withstand life in the busiest kitchen while also being easy to clean. The Kodiaks meet the IP44 standard, protecting the internal components from particles and water. A simple to use control panel is placed on an angled control panel positioned at an ergonomic working height.

Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Kodiak 20

The mixing bowl can be moved about the kitchen thanks to a specially designed ergonomic trolley. This is worktop height to reduce heavy lifting, with a rubber ring to keep the bowl firmly in place. The bowl is then lifted into position and locked into place by operating a side mounted lever.  The contents are protected during the mixing process by a patented polycarbonate safety guard with an integrated silicon filling chute that allows for hot ingredients to be added. The guard, which is attached with magnets, also operates as a cut off as the machine will not run if it isn’t attached.

The mixing itself is carried out by a mixing tool that has been designed to maximise efficiency and reduce working time. Its shape allows it to reach every part of the bowl, so all contents are processed evenly. A powerful three phase motor ensures accurate mixing at even low speeds. The Kodiak 10 is capable of speeds as low as 72 RPM up to 451 RPM, while Kodiak 20 and 30 can be set between 64 and 353RPM.

Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Kodiak 30

As well as a hook the mixer is supplied with a whip and beater attachment. The tools and mixing bowl are made of stainless steel. The Kodiak 20 and 30 models are also compatible with smaller mixing bowls and tools, further increasing their versatility. A 12 litre capacity bowl is available for the Kodiak 20 and a 15 litre bowl for the Kodiak 30.

Further versatility is added with the optional attachment drive. This allows for a mincer or vegetable cutter to be added to the unit, and is available for all three models. Each model requires 230V and can be powered from a standard socket.

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