Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Varimixer commercial planetary mixers are the market leaders in food mixers, ideal for all foodservice applications like bakeries, commercial kitchens, hotels, food manufactures, and more…

Varimixer pride themselves on quality! The Teddy and Kodiak mixers are designed to perform in the most demanding of environments, out performing inferior brands. All Varimixer machines come with TWO years warranty and have a spare parts guarantee of at least 10 years! We mean it when we say they’re “Strong As A Bear”!

Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Strong As A Bear!

Varimixer Kodiak – Designed by the people who use it…

Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Kodiak 20

For over six months, designers and engineers observed how people work in 25 different kitchens and bakeries. They focused on working positions, heavy lifting and moving, and cleaning and hygiene. They studied these routines before, during and after the mixing processes. The result is a 10, 20 and 30-litre mixer which sets a new standard for how easy the work can be.

The Kodiak is so simple, you do not have to read a manual in order to operate it!. Simply set the time and speed and press start and stop. It’s that simple, and everything is controlled at an ergonomic working height from the angled control panel.

Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Kodiak 30

No more heavy lifting. The bowl is stable and seated on a tall bowl trolley (Kodiak 20 & 30 floor standing models), which is wheeled in under the mixer for beating and kneading operations. The bowl is locked in place, raised and lowered in a single movement using the ergonomically designed handle on the side of the machine.

No more bending down and lifting…

The bowl can be wheeled directly to and from the machine at worktop height, where it can be tipped, making it easy to remove the contents. The bowl is seated securely in a rubber ring during movement.

The operator can see the mixing in the bowl through the patented clear polycarbonate safety guards. Hot ingredients can be added by using the detachable silicone filling chute which can handle very hot ingredients, such as melted sugar etc. The guard is held in place by magnets, which also act as safety cut-offs – the machine will not run if the guard has not been attached.

The working height has been raised, and the sides of the upper part of the machine slope inwards to increase the field of view of the bowl. The bowl and the tools have also been widened. This increases the speed and saves time.

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Varimixer Teddy – Small yet powerful!

Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Varimixer Teddy (RED)

The Teddy is low-noise, with the same kind of sound quality we associate with an expensive car… where the motor purrs and the doors shut with conviction… The Teddy makes the right sounds when you turn up the speed, and when you press the click-lock to tilt back the mixer head.

Designed to handle many years of hard work… It has a powerful, specially designed motor, which unlike most other small mixers is also capable of mixing heavy and difficult ingredients at very low speeds.

The speed can be infinitely adjusted using the machine’s single control knob. The knob passes through the unit, so it can be operated from both sides, using either hand. This makes it easy to locate the mixer in confined spaces, such as against a wall. A wide footprint and suction cup feet ensure the mixer is stable during operation, and the bowl is held effectively in place during operation by a single lever.

Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Varimixer Teddy (GREY)

Manufactured from precision cast aluminium, with no external screws or openings. All edges and corners are rounded, making it easy to clean the mixer with a cloth.

The Teddy comes with a 5-litre stainless steel mixing bowl with a lid, a wire whip made of 2.5 mm wire, a beater and a specially designed hook which ensures dough is kneaded and turned to perfection. All accessories are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher-safe. The machine is also available in white with an attachment drive for mounting a stainless steel meat mincer.

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Varimixer Commercial Mixers

Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Varimixer Kodiak 10


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The Kodiak Range

Whisk – The stainless steel balloon whisk ensures efficient results every time!
Beat & Mix – The beating paddle evenly combines ingredients.
Knead – The carefully designed dough hook precisely mixes and kneads all kinds of doughs & pastries.
Stainless Steel – All of the mixing bowls and tools are made from high grade stainless steel ensuring high levels of hygiene and durability whilst being easy to clean.
Ergonomically Designed – the Kodiak 20 & 30 floor standing models come with a bowl trolley making handling of heavy mixes easy!
Easy to Use – Simply choose the speed, set the time and press start!
Easy to Clean – Varimixer mixers are built to IP44 standards making cleaning safe and simple. The safety guard has an integrated magnetic cut-off preventing operation when removed.
Quiet – the inversion motor is very quite compared to conventional mixers.

Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Varimixer Kodiak 20

(Floor Standing)

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The Teddy

Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Choice Of Colour – The Teddy is available in White, Red, Black, or Grey.
Stainless Steel Tools – The beater, whisk, dough hook and mixing bowl are all stainless steel for durability and easy of cleaning.
Simple Controls – The speed controller is accessible from both sides and features infinite control over the speed of the mixer.
Varimixer Planetary Mixers

Varimixer Mixers