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Varimixer Teddy

Varimixer Teddy is a strong, professional 5-litre mixer for small daily tasks in the bakery, kitchen or laboratory. The smart Danish design has a focus on ergonomics, hygiene and easy cleaning, and the durability to handle hard work, year after year.


The Varimixer Teddy is low-noise, with the same kind of sounds of quality we associate with an expensive car, where the motor purrs and the doors shut with conviction. It makes the right sounds when you turn up the speed, and when you press the click-lock to tilt back the mixer head.

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Features of the Varimixer Teddy include:

Easy Operation – Speed is infinitely adjusted using the pass-through control knob, which allows TEDDY to be operated from either side. The knob is also the click-lock and hinge point when the mixer head is tilted back to change tools.

Effective Tools – TEDDY comes with a 5-litre stainless steel mixing bowl with a lid, a wire whip made of 2.5 mm wire, a beater and a specially designed hook which ensures dough is kneaded and turned to perfection. All accessories are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher-safe.

Safety Screen – A fixed safety guard and a detachable filling tray and splash guard protect both the operator and the ingredients, while allowing the mixing process to be monitored.

Fixed Mixing Bowl – The bowl is held effectively in place during operation by a single lever.

Good Stability – A wide footprint and suction cups ensure the mixer is stable during operation.

Easy Cleaning – Its die-cast, rounded design and no external screws or openings make Varimixer Teddy easy to clean.

Optional Attachment Drive – TEDDY is also available in white with an attachment drive for mounting a stainless steel meat mincer.

Colours – Varimixer Teddy is available in either white, black, red, or grey.

Standard Accessories:

  • 1x 5L Mixing Bowl + Lid
  • 1x Dough Hook
  • 1x Beater
  • 1x Whisk
  • 1x Splash Guard
  • 1x Filling Chute

Optional Extras:

  • Front Attachment Drive (only available on White Models)
  • Mincing Attachment
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Varimixer Teddy (Red)
Varimixer Teddy (Red)Varimixer Teddy (Red)Varimixer Teddy (Red)Varimixer Teddy (Red)Varimixer Teddy (Red)Varimixer Teddy (Red)Varimixer Teddy (Red)Varimixer Teddy (Red)Varimixer Teddy (Red)Varimixer Teddy (Red)Varimixer Teddy (Red)Varimixer Teddy (Red)
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