Introducing the NEW Frigomat Twist

Introducing the NEW Frigomat TwistTaylor UK has launched the latest versions of the Frigomat range of gelato machines, the Frigomat Twist.  Frigomat, based in Italy, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ice cream-making equipment and the new range includes machines to make artisan ice cream, sorbets and gelatos from scratch.

One of the most innovative lines is the Twin Combination Batch Freezer.  This machine has both heated and freezer compartments to allow operators to go from raw ingredients to finished gelato in as little as 20 minutes.  The smallest model, the Frigomat Twin 4, can produce up to 24kg per hour.

Alongside the Twin combination machines, the Frigomat range includes products such as ice cream pasteurisers, batch freezers, heaters, cream cookers and blast chillers.  There are floor standing and countertop units, with production capacities ranging from 10kg to 90kg per hour.

“UK demand for artisan ice creams has shot up in recent years,” says David Rees, marketing manager at Taylor UK.  “For consumers, it’s the great taste, for operators it’s both a customer attraction and a highly profitable product.

“The Frigomat team are the experts – they’ve been specialising in gelato machines for over 45 years.  The range encompasses everything the gelato maker requires.”

Taylor UK is offering free one-to-one half-day demonstrations at the company’s test kitchen where operators can learn everything they need to know about gelato making and the Frigomat range.

The company has also produced a ‘Make your own gelato guide‘.  To find out more about the demonstrations, or to download the guide, go to the gelato section.

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