NEW Equipment – ISA Bermuda

Introducing the Brand New Bermuda Ice Cream Cabinet. Budget Price with Professional Performance!!   ISA’s Brand new Bermuda Ice cream dipping cabinet has just been launched in the UK; a promotional cabinet but delivers a professional performance with its ventilated refrigeration - a feature unique to a cabinet of this type. Ice cream cabinets within this price range and size usually operate using static refrigeration, meaning the ice cream at the back of the cabinet tends to be colder than the front. They rely on ... Read more

Grab and Go Fridges – Perfect for any Size Shop

A grab and go fridge is perfect for adding impulse buys to your shop or extending the amount/range of chilled goods you offer to your customers. We have a range of cabinet widths and sizes to suit a variety of shop floor layouts, some of the units can be provided as refrigerators, freezers or a combination of both, which is perfect for offering a variety of goods to customers without taking up a huge amount of space. Whether you want to add ... Read more

Introducing the TurboChef FIRE…

The newest addition to the TurboChef range of rapid cook ovens, the FIRE is designed to cook fresh dough artisan style pizzas quickly and effortlessly. Manufactured in Dallas, Texas the TurboChef FIRE draws on the years of experience which TurboChef Technologies have accrued in the rapid cooking sector. Giving businesses the ability to cook a 14” fresh dough artisan style pizza in as little as 90 seconds!   The FIRE can cook at any temperature up to 450⁰C, such fierce temperatures create a unique ... Read more

Top Story – Krispy Kreme is shaking it up!

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Coffee are well known for their indulgent, delicious treats, offering sixteen sumptuous doughnut varieties, each freshly baked each day and filled, topped, glazed and decorated by hand we all know where to go for the best doughnut around… and of course you can’t enjoy a good donut without great coffee, so they had it all covered! In an effort to keep things fresh and demonstrate to their customer base that they are always looking to add to their ... Read more

Equipment Review – The NEW ISA Il Gelataio

Pozzetti Gelato Display Taylor UK is proud to introduce the brand new ISA il Gelataio pozzetti gelato display cabinet to the UK ice cream market place. The Gelataio is a traditional Italian ice cream cabinet re-invented for the modern age using cutting edge technology and contemporary stylish design.   The Gelataio has pozzetti basins that allows for the excellent conservation of ice cream and gelato whilst maintaining the theatre and mystique surrounding truly amazing frozen desserts. It's the perfect cabinet for artisans looking to make their own gelato ... Read more

Featured Case Study – Blueberry Yog

Four Taylor C712 Frozen Yogurt Machines "Having researched the global market place and contacted all of the major suppliers in the industry, I felt at ease with Taylor and their knowledge. They clearly knew what they were talking about, seeing that all of the major frozen yogurt businesses use Taylor machines. I wanted soft serve machines that were good to look at, very practical and high volume - we expect to be very busy in the months and years to come..." Hildegarde Glories - Owner Frozen ... Read more

Top Story – Il Dolce ‘Truly Authentic’ Gelato

Located in the heart of Slough, right on the busy high street, Danny Saadany opened his ambitious Il Dolce gelato parlour in October 2014. Serving authentic, traditional gelato which is freshly made on the premises. Il Dolce is located on Slough high street opposite Debenhams, with its unique retro interior decor and revamped Vespa styled seating it’s the perfect setting for you and your family to indulge in some healthy tasty treats. Customers also benefit from free WiFi and private parties can ... Read more

Case Study – Flossies

Taylor by Frigomat CH03 & C119 "Having looked at several suppliers and their equipment ranges, and after carrying out an in depth comparison between them all it soon became very apparent that Taylor's was the best choice in terms of their professional approach, equipment knowledge and competitive pricing on quality equipment. The addition of home made traditional ice cream has allowed our business to flourish" Sue Rowley - Owner (more…) Read more

Recipe Suggestion – Top Toasties

A cheese toastie is a cheese toastie, right? I mean, it's the first meal that most of us learn how to cook at home by ourselves. It's the perfect midnight snack or soup-dipper. It's great for kids but is never turned down by an adult. It's gooey, crisp and comforting in all the right ways. There's toasties and then there's TurboChef TOASTIES. When you're faced with perfect toastie, globules of cheese slowly oozing out of the edges, a pure, even golden-brown face, you know even ... Read more

Equipment Review – Taylor 430 FlavorBurst

The ONLY 8 Flavour Thick Shake Machine The Taylor 430 counter-top, single flavour, gravity fed, medium volume, frozen beverage machine, is the perfect addition to any business allowing them to vary their menu by offering, smoothies, thick shakes, slush, frozen cocktails, tea and iced coffee, all served with perfect consistency time after time. Features include: 3.8 litre freezing cylinder to ensure plenty of product is always available ‘on tap’ 13.2 litre hopper, refrigerated to maintain mix at below 41˚F (5˚C) with such a large hopper it ... Read more
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