Top Story – Coco Gelato

Freshly made Authentic Italian Gelato... At the beginning of 2015, Coco Gelato was only an idea for two business men in Nelson, Lancashire. Their vision and passion would drive them to create an authentic Italian Gelato parlour, capturing business from all over. Where did they start? The two Directors of the business began researching what was required in setting up an ice cream parlour and who the relevant suppliers of both equipment and ingredients would be. For their equipment, they chose Taylor UK and ... Read more

Equipment Review – MagnaBlend

Revolutionary Service Speed & Technology in a small footprint... More and more businesses are making the best of the profit opportunity held within the artisan beverage market. Milkshakes have hit the nation over recent years along with frappes, smoothies and granitas. The majority of us would assume that the one piece of equipment needed to enter this market would be a blender! And you would be right... Taylor Company have developed a blending system designed to increase; production, speed and flexibility - the MagnaBlend. So ... Read more

Top Story – My Cookie Dough

Freshly baked cookies, soft ice cream & blended shakes... The City of Cardiff is regarded as being in the top 5 of shopping destinations in the country. So in September of 2014 My Cookie Dough chose to open their first grab and go indulgent snack bar in the St. David's Shopping Centre to take advantage Cardiff's popularity. "My Cookie Dough" is a simple concept, serving delicious, freshly baked cookies topped with soft ice cream and offering thick shakes made by blending these two ... Read more

Equipment Review – Flavor Blend™

New, Innovative & Revolutionary These are just 3 words used the descried the new Flavor Blend system by Taylor UK. In the highly competitive world of soft serve ice cream it’s sometimes difficult for manufactures and end users to come up with something truly different to sell to their customers. Traditionally end users will sell a 'whippy' with a flake, add some sauce – sprinkles, use a twin twist machine like a Taylor C712 or create a traditional sundae like a Knickerbocker glory. Whatever it ... Read more

Top Story – Gelato JoJo

Gelato is a 'GoGo' at Gelato JoJo's! Having over 15 years of experience in the ice cream industry, Jason Unwin of Gelato JoJo knows a thing or two about quality. When he decided to take the plunge and start making his own scoop ice cream, he wanted only the best quality display cabinets for his new venture, he gave Taylor UK a call to find out what options he had from the range of refrigerated cabinets available from ISA. Jason said; “I had seen ... Read more

Equipment Review – NEW Prática Combi-Ovens

Introducing Prática Combination Ovens to the UK... We understand that in today’s competitive marketplace, location can be key to opening and running a successful business, when taking on new sites or looking to refurbish existing kitchens, you often have to make allowances on space used in the kitchen area. When this happens how will you meet the needs of your customers by fitting in a multi-platform cooking area without the space?  We believe the answer is by using combi-ovens. Quite often however these ovens ... Read more

Top Story – Esposito Cafe

MAKING PARK-LIFE 'BELISSIMO'! Danny Esposito, owner of Esposito Cafe's in Widnes & Runcorn, knew he needed to make a statement when he was given the opportunity to open two new café & gelato parlours in two newly built public park visitors centres. Danny commented; “I had to make an instant impression on the local public. I needed to find something to make them want to come and visit us again and again”. Danny quickly realised the best way to attract his customers was ... Read more

Product Review – ’14 Day Clean’ Machines

What is a self pasteurising machine? In today’s busy food service industry an issue for many is the allocation of staff’s time to clean equipment. To help with this and save staff / operators time Taylor UK have a range of soft serve ice cream and thick shake machines which only need a full clean every 14 days or 26 times per year. These machines are typically called heat treatment or self-pasteurising machines, the technology assures product safety and eliminates the need for daily cleaning. Thanks ... Read more

Top Story – Cornering the Burger Market

Setting up a fast food outlet on your own can be a daunting prospect, which is why Mohammed Modasser, owner of Burger Corner in Keighley, West Yorkshire entrusted the supply of business critical equipment for his new venture to Taylor UK. Having previously worked for one of the major high street fast food chains, Mohammed took the plunge and decided to set up his own burger offering creating Burger Corner and with the help of key pieces of equipment from Taylor, he's taking ... Read more

Hard or Soft? – You Choose…

With a sweet taste and creamy texture, milkshakes are a feel good pleasure that remind us of our childhoods. But putting that trip down memory lane aside, the humble milkshake is coming of age, put simply, it has grown up and become a treat not just for kids – ‘soft shakes’ it can also be a fantastic treat for adults too… How? We hear you cry… with the addition of booze of course! A splash of Bourbon in a chocolate shake and ... Read more
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