Make Delicious Authentic Italian Gelato in your Restaurant

Do you want to make your dessert choices stand out? Go beyond boring scoops of pre-made vanilla, chocolate & strawberry with some delicious, authentic, artisan gelato made in an Italian designed machine. Gelato Vs Ice Cream Gelato is more than just the Italian word for ice cream. In fact real gelato is quite different. Gelato recipes tend to use more milk than cream and very few (if any) egg yolks in making the base mix. It will also tend to be held at ... Read more

Top Story – ‘FIRE’-ing up the Leeds pizza scene!

Scott Carter, owner of Yoghies Frozen Yogurt in Leeds was looking into introducing handmade fresh dough pizzas, expanding their current offer to give to his existing customers something new and to help attract some new ones too. As a long standing customer of Taylor UK, supplying their Frozen Yoghurt equipment, Scott knew exactly who to consult for advice on the matter... Scott commented; “I already have an excellent relationship with Taylor UK, we knew we could trust their knowledge, expertise and support." Scott continued; “We were ... Read more

Equipment Review – FlavorBurst FB80

What is the best way to make your soft ice cream stand out from the rest? Historically soft serve machines have been either one or two flavours and certainly a "twin twist" effect of vanilla with strawberry creates a valuable visual effect for business owners. However, with a FlavorBurst system, this visual appeal can be dramatically increased - driving customers to your door! "Soft ice cream sales create soft ice cream sales" - if potential customers see people walking away from your business with ... Read more

Introductory Offer – One-On-One Artisan Ice Cream Training

Learn & earn... attend one of our FREE introductory one-on-one training days and learn how to make your own home-made ice creams, sorbets and gelato. Do you currently buy in ice cream? Or does the idea of going in to the ice cream business sound like a great idea? Why don't attend one of our one-on-one batch ice cream training sessions at our development kitchen and learn the principles behind making fantastic artisan gelato from the base ingredients of milk, cream, sugar etc ... Read more

Keep cakes, chocolates & pastries perfect with our refrigerated pastry displays

When you’ve spent years exacting every little detail of your recipes and hours every day baking to perfection you don’t want to have your display let you down with your treats going stale in under an hour. You need a refrigerated pastry display that you can count on to keep your cakes, chocolates & pastries in great condition all day long, no matter the weather. Today we’ll take a look at some of our best sellers and what they could offer your ... Read more

Top Story – YoZen opens in Woking

Grass, graffiti & clouds combine to create one of the funkiest new frozen yogurt stores to open in the UK. Every inch of the new YoZen frozen yogurt store which has recently opened in Woking, Surrey is either covered with graffiti, blue skies or grass! Making this frozen yogurt store quite unique. As you walk into YoZen, your feet are greeted with lush green grass (all be it fake) as the bright blue ceiling shines down on you which can't help but make ... Read more

Equipment Review – Frigomat GX2

  The Frigomat GX2 is the perfect piece of equipment for those wanting to 'dip their toe' into the world of ice cream... Simple to use, clean and maintain whilst having the ability to make 2 flavours at once, the Frigomat GX2 is great for restaurants, cafe's, visitor attractions and the like to give their business a real unique selling point without the capital outlay of  'full production' level machinery. The GX2 has the capability to make up to five, 2.5 litre batches of ... Read more

Make Perfect Gelato from Scratch – in Minutes!

If you’re thinking about adding impressive desserts such as Gelato to your restaurant’s menu you may be concerned about preparation times. In an already time-pressured environment can you really spare the time to make another dessert? Yes - with our Gelato Makers you can. “Do I have the space for another machine?” you might ask. Yes - we have a range of options to suit – from large volume floor standing machines to smaller batch counter top freezers. Finally you might be ... Read more

Maximise efficiency in your takeaway restaurant with a pizza oven from Taylor UK

Do you want to serve pizzas that not only taste better but are cooked quicker? Well now you can with one of TurboChef’s pizza ovens. TurboChef High h 2620 Conveyor Oven: This is the TurboChef High H 2620 Conveyor oven , it is for seriously busy takeaways and pizzerias. Just how busy can you be with one of these ovens? Try 56 12” per hour. Not enough? You can stack these three high and triple your output. This rapid cook impingement conveyor oven requires ... Read more

Top Story – Tredwells from Marcus Wareing

Tredwells, Covent Garden West End Eatery Tredwell’s is the latest addition to the small, yet prestigious group of restaurants named after its founder; Marcus Wareing. The group was founded in 2008 with the flagship restaurant, Marcus, at the Berkeley in Mayfair, which currently holds two Michelin stars. 2011 saw the opening of The Gilbert Scott at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and Tredwell’s joined the group in 2014. Located in the Seven Dials area of Covent Garden, London. Tredwell’s, with its relaxed informal atmosphere ... Read more
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