Top Tip – Check the fuse isn’t blown…

Do you have a frozen drink machine, soft serve freezer or oven which runs on a standard 13 amp plug? Has it suddenly stopped working for no reason? The first thing to check on any machine which plugs into a regular power outlet is the fuse. Some machines can operate quite close to the maximum rating when the motors and compressor are running and under some circumstances this can spike the power enough to cause the fuse to blow. If the fuse does blow, ... Read more

Product Review – Ice Cream vs Froyo

Which would you choose? In recent years, frozen yogurt has become a popular alternative to ice cream due to its reputation for being healthier. However, several factors need to be considered before deciding which frozen treat is best for you. Depending on the type of frozen yogurt and toppings you choose, ice cream may actually be the healthier choice. Ice cream and frozen yogurt are both frozen treats made from dairy, but there is a significant difference that sets them apart. In order ... Read more

Top Story – El Pastor

Sweetcorn & Avocado soft serve and Cacao Nib & Colima Lime sorbet... Just before Christmas, a fabulous new tacos restaurant opened in Borough Market, London. It was Wednesday morning, only two days before the restaurant was due to open, when the snap decision was made that soft serve ice cream would be a fabulous addition to the menu, complementing the amazing Mexican food and tacos. A call was made to Dave Bradford at Taylor UK... 48 hours is not a lot of time ... Read more

Equipment Review – Frigomat C125

Small, counter top, simple to use and freezes 2.8 litres of ice cream in as little as 12 minutes... Loved by chefs in restaurants up and down the country, the Taylor by Frigomat C125 is a small compact batch freezer for artisan ice cream, gelato and sorbet products. In only 12 minutes this little counter top machine will turn just over 2 litres of liquid mix - into 2.8 litres of frozen scoop-able ice cream. Simply turn it on, pour in your mix ... Read more

Top Tip – Who doesn’t like a nice bit of stirring?

Making up a powdered mix... Do you use a powdered soft serve mix like Taylor UK's Frozen Yopiu powder? Do you suffer from a slightly inconsistent finished product some times? Preparation is the key...   Everyone likes a good bit of stirring from time to time - this is one of those times! The biggest mistake which we see at Taylor UK is lack of preparation time when mixing up a powdered soft serve mix; whether it's Taylor UK's Frozen Yopiu powder, Caterlinks 'Fabbri Super Soft' ... Read more

Top Story – We’re forever growing bubbles…

Internet auctions are fine, but where's the back up when it goes wrong? Theo Foster, owner of Bubblicious in Birmingham had a dream to open a top quality dessert parlour offering a wide range of desserts at a competitive price back in 2013. Theo finally opened Bubblicious for the first time in 2014. The concept was to provide the people of Birmingham with high end 'artisanal' thick shakes, sundaes, Belgian waffles, crepes and gelato. Being a new venture and a sole trader, Theo had ... Read more

Equipment Review – Prática EC3, ALL function, ZERO faff…

Does your kitchen suffer from lack of space like almost every other food service business? Would a small footprint, simple to operate, full size 1/1 GN combination oven be an interesting proposition? The Prática EC3 could be answer that all "kitchens lacking in space" have been looking for...  with a footprint of less than 70cm deep, 65cm wide and only 50cm high, the Prática EC3 is extremely compact, especially considering it has all of the capabilities of larger, more expensive combination ovens... What is a ... Read more

Top Tip – Does your TurboChef get all hot and bothered?

New generation TurboChef Ovens Do you have a Turbochef Sota, i3, i5, Encore, Bullet or a conveyor? Hopefully our don't experience any problems with your oven and the following advice is already part of your weekly cleaning procedure but just in case... As part of your weekly cleaning procedure you must remove the air filter from the back of the oven and carefully clean this with some of the TurboChef oven cleaner and warm water to remove any dust build up. Let it dry ... Read more

Top Story – 20 years of Rational, now it’s time for a change…

Why pay for features that you never end up using... In September 2016 Bekim Behrami, Chef/Manager of Café 1 in Epsom, Surrey was presented with a dilemma... After twenty or so years of using Rational combination ovens he had to decide if he needed to go to the expense of a new Rational with all of its 'bells and whistles' or to opt for a simpler, more cost effective alternative. After a long chat with Dave Bradford, Taylor UK's South East of ... Read more

Equipment Review – The mighty Metro!

Do you need to display your sandwiches, cakes, pastries, drinks in a attractive display? The Metro range of ventilated refrigerated pastry display cabinets are ideal if you require a serve over cabinet with multiple refrigerated shelves allowing you to display cream cakes, sandwiches, pastries, drinks and any other delicious items which require constant refrigeration. Features include: Three refrigerated tempered glass shelves with LED lighting. Customisation front panel options allow the cabinets to fit in with most shop decor. Plug in operation requires no specialist refrigeration installation. Available ... Read more
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