Bear down on your mixing with the Varimixer Kodiak

Bear down on your mixing with the Varimixer KodiakPowerful planetary mixer range now available from Taylor UK

Taylor UK is now supplying the Kodiak range of planetary mixers from Varimixer. Varimixer is a Danish manufacturer of professional mixers with over a century of experience. Named after the Alaskan brown bear, the Kodiak range was designed with the input of users in order to ensure it can meet the challenges of kitchen life.

Bear down on your mixing with the Varimixer KodiakFor six months, Varimixer’s engineers and designers observed working life in 25 different commercial kitchens to get an accurate picture of the complete workflow and routines of mixing processes.  Focusing on the working positions of staff, heavy lifting and moving, as well as cleaning and hygiene procedures, this knowledge was incorporated into the design of the Kodiak range to ensure operation and use is as simple as possible.

The Kodiak range is available in both table and floor mounted versions. On floor mounted models, the mixing bowl is moved into position on a worktop-height trolley.   A rubber ring holds the bowl securely while it is being moved.

The range is designed to be as simple as possible to use. Time and speed are set via push-button, along with a start and a stop button. The control panel is ergonomically angled so it is clearly visible at working height. Patented clear polycarbonate safety guards protect the contents of the bowl while allowing operators to monitor the progress of the mixing, and a detachable silicon chute allows for hot ingredients like melted sugar to be safely added to the mix. The safety guards are held in place with magnets, which cut off power if the guard is not attached.

The Kodiak range is capable of a wide variety of functions, from whipping egg whites and cream to beating cake mix, icing or meat as well as mixing dough or pasta. Each function has its own dedicated accessory that is easily interchangeable. An optional attachment drive is also available allowing the unit to work with a meat mincer or vegetable cutter.

All models require just 230v to run and can be powered from a standard 13amp plug socket.

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