Jargon or Gibberish? – “Overrun”

The new Taylor UK Jargon or Gibberish section is going to help you with some of the terminology used in the ice cream and catering trades to give you a better understanding about what we're on about, so you know what you're talking about... What does Overrun mean...? Overrun is a term which gets used a lot in the ice cream trade. In simple terms it's the percentage of air which is held within a frozen product. All ice cream, gelato and sorbet products ... Read more

Customer Story – Puddings Coffee Shop

Marta's Challenge - from mobile phone store to Puddings Coffee Shop... Having become a celebrated artist, Marta Rice wanted a career change to follow her Family’s business roots in Poland... She wanted to open a wonderful coffee and dessert shop in her UK home town of Maidstone which would sell excellent coffee, deserts and puddings. Could the dream come true? Over 2 years ago, back in 2015, Marta contacted Taylor UK to find out about soft serve machines and to discuss her dream ... Read more

Equipment Review – ISA’s Il Carrettino Classic

1950's design with twenty first century technology... In the past, the ice cream cart represented a time of joy and happiness. The passing of the ice cream cart created a unique atmosphere and for many children it was the most anticipated moment of the day. ISA's Il Carrettino Classic ice cream cart is an authentic tribute to the ice cream carts of old, becoming a new icon of traditional Italian ice cream throughout the world. With nostalgic style from the past combined with cutting edge technology ... Read more

Top Tip – Check your Blades…

Soft Serve Scraper Blades... Damaged (or missing) scraper blades are one of the most common operator related call outs on Taylor Crown Series soft serve machines. They are an important part for the efficient running of your soft serve machine, but most importantly, they are crucial for maintaining a high quality, consistent product. Below is a simple guide to scraper blades and how to check if yours need replacing. Scraper blades cut the coldest, firmest product from the wall of the freezing cylinder. ... Read more

Top Story – Dessert Island

Buy Nice or Buy Twice... Ifraz Iqubal and his brother chose their new location in a residential area of Luton as there was little else around and their new concept could easily become the captive heart of the community. This approach may not be the obvious choice for most operators as people tend to usually look for busy high street locations thinking they’ll have the most custom. Opening close to where people live, makes Dessert Island accessible to everyone, attracting customer throughout ... Read more

Equipment Review – Frigomat C122 Automatic Batch Freezer

Small, yet MIGHTY! The Frigomat C122 Automatic Batch Freezer is the answer for any operator looking for a professional ice cream machine to produce high quality products in smaller quantities with a reduced investment.  Using the electronic control panel, you can choose one of the four programmes to produce; ice cream, Gelato, Sorbet, slush with the ability to determine either the consistency, the freezing time and the agitation. Simply pour your mix in the chute, select your function and in around ten minutes your're ... Read more

Top Tip – Look after your release sheets..

The Taylor Crown Series of grills are an amazing piece of equipment. Having the ability to grill items twice as fast as conventional griddles by cooking from both sides at the same time is a major advantage for any food service operator whether you're a burger restaurant, fast food take away or theme park concession. Unfortunately every 'Yin' has a 'Yang' has a pay off  for cooking faster and turning tables quicker is that you need to look after your release ... Read more

Top Story – Give Froyo a Swirl in Lancaster

July 2017 saw the opening of a new Frozen Yogurt store in the UK - Swirl in Lancaster. Ben Smith, founder of Swirl, spends much of his time in America on business. During his time there, he's seen the rise in popularity of frozen yogurt and more noticeably that most of the stores out there use Taylor soft serve equipment to serve their frozen yogurt. So on his return to the UK, there was only one option in his mind when it ... Read more

Equipment Review – PANAVISION – Iced Display Perfection!

ISA Panavison PAS Panavision is a low temperature display case manufactured by ISA in Italy for perfect display of your homemade ice cream cakes, frozen desserts and single portion treats.. Its stylish, 360° visibility design makes it the perfect display in any environment, maximising the visual impact of your products, increasing impulse purchases. Panavision has a cold air flow refrigeration system (designed by the ISA R&D Centre) that allows uniform temperature distribution throughout the cabinet in order to ensure perfect storage of the products ... Read more

Top Tip – Struggling Display Cabinets?

Do your refrigerated or frozen display cabinets sometimes struggle to maintain their temperatures in the warm and humid weather? There maybe a very simple solution... Refrigerated and frozen displays usually work in one of two ways: Static - these cabinets have a refrigerated panel located withing the cabinet which radiates cold into the chamber. Ventilated - these cabinets have an evaporator hidden in the bottom of the cabinet with a fan which actively blows the cold air around the cabinet. Both styles can suffer from the ... Read more
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