Eloma Joker - Multi-Level Cooking

Eloma Joker – Multi-Level CookingThe Eloma Joker Multi Level Cooking feature allows you the flexibility to cook multiple products to perfection at the same time when using the same cooking process.

Let the oven do the thinking….

You need to steam salmon fillets, broccoli, carrots and new potatoes all at the same time…. with the Joker it’s easy!

Eloma Joker – Multi-Level Cooking

Joker MT

Once you have the individual cooking profiles saved on your oven it’s super easy to cook multiple items to perfection at the same time. All you need to do is select which foods you need to cook and what grid level you want them placed on in the oven. As you place each item in the oven, start the program for that product and the oven will do the rest.

Once the cooking profile for the individual grid comes to an end, the oven will sound the buzzer and alert you to which tray needs to be removed. Its that easy. The oven will then continue cooking the other items which remain in the oven. What’s more, the oven will automatically adjust the cooking time for the remaining items to ensure that they cook correctly, allowing for the opening and closing of the door.

Do you need everything to be served together? – No problem!

The End Time function combined with the multi-level ensures that every product is finished at the same time – perfect for banquet service and buffets.

It couldn’t be easier. Simply select the menu items which you want to cook and set the time which you’d like all of the products to be finished. The oven with automatically tell you which product needs to be placed in the oven first. The Joker will then alert you to add the additional items at just the right time to ensure they’re all finished together.

Consistent cooking at the touch of a button!

To ensure consistent results, the oven will only allow programmed products with the same cooking process to be cooked together. For example, steamed salmon with steamed broccoli. The oven won’t allow you to try and cook roast chicken with steamed broccoli, it simply won’t work! (You could however use the re-generation combi cycles to reheat both of these cooked items at the same time).

Eloma Joker’s Multi-Level Cooking is ideal for hotels, schools and institutions which need to provide meals at specific times like banquet service and buffets. A Joker will ensure you’re never late for service again!

The video below shows an example of the Multi Level Cooking function. You will see just how easy it is to steam a full ovens worth of fish and vegetables at the same time and the potential this new feature of the Eloma Joker can have on simplifying your daily cooking procedures.

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