Grilling but cheaper with Taylor UK

Electric clamshell grills modernise traditional cooking while reducing costs

Taylor’s L-series electric clamshell grills offers operators looking to phase out gas powered appliances a powerful alternative.

Grilling but cheaper with Taylor UKRecent years have seen increasing numbers of businesses looking to move away from non renewable energy sources but the cost of living crisis and rising energy prices has accelerated this trend. Taylor’s electric clamshell grills deliver significant cost savings thanks to the increased speed of cooking with no loss of quality.

By using both a bottom plate and an upper platen, both sides of food items can be cooked simultaneously. This means that temperature is distributed equally across the entire cook surface, reducing cooking times by up to 66%. Three heating elements in the lower platen and two in the upper shells produce even heat across the cook zone as well as speeding up recovery time, maximising output and productivity.

Cook smarter, not harder with a Taylor Clamshell GrillGrilling but cheaper with Taylor UK

Up to 72 recipes can be programmed in via the touchscreen control panel. These can have up to three cooking stages with full control over product compression, guaranteeing uniform cooking, searing and juiciness. Recipes can be uploaded via USB stick, making the grills ideal for multi-site businesses looking to offer a unified menu. The platens automatically close at the start of the cook cycle and open once it is finished.  This allows staff of all skill levels to produce food of consistently high quality.

Grilling but cheaper with Taylor UK

The range is available one, two and three platen versions. The cooking zones on multi-platen units can be controlled independently, allowing different items to be cooked simultaneously with no danger of cross contamination. This also helps to reduce running costs, as you can switch off sections of the grill during quieter times. When not needed the units can be switched to idle mode, further reducing energy consumption while still allowing fast start up times when required.

Constructed from sturdy stainless steel, the range includes castor wheels to simplify access for cleaning and maintenance. Two grease cans are included as accessories, which can be mounted either side of the unit to collect grease and debris from the grill.

All models are 1524mm high and 986mm deep. Single platen models are just 381mm wide, with 716mm for twin platen models and 1024mm for triple models.

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