Taylor UK puts mixing back on the table with the new Varimixer Kodiak

Powerful tabletop mixer is designed to meet the needs of commercial kitchens 

Taylor UK puts mixing back on the table with the new Varimixer Kodiak

Kodiak 20 Litre Mixer

Taylor UK is now supplying the Kodiak tabletop mixers from Varimixer, in 10 and 20 litre capacity versions. It takes the power of the floorstanding Kodiak models and shrinks down the footprint, making it an ideal choice for smaller locations that need professional grade mixing. It’s designed to be simple to operate and simple to clean, and it requires no heavy lifting from staff to operate.

Time and speed are set via the intuitively designed push-button, with operation controlled with a start and a stop button. The bowl can be moved into position by the ergonomic handle which raises and locks the bowl with a single movement. The powerful motor allows for perfect mixing at both high and low speeds.

Patented clear polycarbonate safety guards protect the contents of the bowl while allowing operators to monitor the progress of the mixing, and a detachable silicon chute allows for hot ingredients like melted sugar to be safely added to the mix. The safety guards are held in place with magnets, which cut the power if the guard is not attached. A wide base, and suction caps, ensure maximum stability while in use. The legs are height adjustable, making it comfortable to operate and easy to clean the underside. The outer case is made from sturdy stainless steel rated to the IP44 standard, protecting the internal workings from particles larger than 1mm and sprays of water.

Taylor UK puts mixing back on the table with the new Varimixer Kodiak

Kodiak 10 Countertop Mixer

Both the Kodiak 10 and Kodiak 20 mixers are supplied with a mixing bowl and three attachments, a beater, whip, and a hook. Bowl and attachments are made from dishwasher safe stainless steel and are designed to maximise the efficiency of the mixing process.

A 12 litre mixing bowl with appropriately sized attachments is available for the Kodiak 20, further increasing its flexibility by making it easier to process smaller batches. An attachment drive is also available for the Kodiak 20, allowing it to work with mincers or vegetable slicers.

All Kodiak table units run on 230v, meaning it can be powered from a standard plug socket. The Kodiak 10’s dimensions are 674 high x 393 wide x 566mm deep, while the Kodiak 20 is 787mm high x 482mm wide x 771mm deep. This allows them to be installed on a standard worktop.

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