The perfect FIT for any kitchen

The perfect FIT for any kitchenFIT Express, the latest high speed oven from Pratica gives the largest capacity in the smallest footprint

Taylor UK is now supplying the latest in Pratica’s powerful high speed ovens, the FIT Express. Refining and improving on the technology behind its Copa Express range, the Fit is not only the most compact speed oven on the market, it also offers the largest capacity in relation to its size.

The perfect FIT for any kitchenThe Pratica Fit is designed for locations with limited space looking for a simple way to quickly prepare hot food without the need for specialised ventilation. The oven combines a dual magnetron microwave with air impingement which allows for the continuous preparation of fresh, chilled or frozen foods with authentic browning on breaded or baked goods.

Airflow control uniformly distributes the heat within the oven chamber, ensuring the temperature is at the required temperature throughout. This allows it to cook a breakfast sandwich in 45 seconds, or bone-in chicken wings in just three and a half minutes. A powerful catalytic converter filters air from the cook chamber to remove odours and particulates. This allows it to operate in enclosed areas without needing a hood, helping to create a more pleasant working environment while reducing overall energy consumption, since there’s no need for extra ventilation.

A rapid cook oven which FITs anywhere!

The Fit has been designed so the catalytic converter is easily accessible, allowing operators to clean and replace the filter themselves without requiring a service engineer.

The perfect FIT for any kitchenControlled via a powerful yet simple to use touchscreen, up to 1024 recipes can be programmed, allowing staff at any skill level to deliver consistent results. Programs can be added through the control panel or updated via USB stick, allowing settings to be shared between ovens. A manual mode is also available, with independent control over microwave power, temperature and air speed.

Sturdily constructed from stainless steel, the Fit features an attractive matt black finish. Its front and rear mounted air vents give it zero side clearance, providing greater flexibility of installation in areas with limited space. Despite having external dimensions of just 619mm high by 386mm wide and 693mm deep, the oven chamber can hold a 1/2 GN pan or a 1/4 sheet pan.

A range of useful accessories are included with the Fit, including an aluminium paddle, a Teflon tray and baking rack and specially designed chemicals for cleaning including protector spray and non-caustic oven cleaner. The powerful control system also includes a daily cleaning function that cools the oven down to a safe level and plays a video showing the recommended cleaning steps.

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