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ISA – Il Carrettino Classic Gelato Display

This quirky gelato display cart is perfect for almost everyone. An extra layer of ice cream containers can reside below the display layer-  sell twice the volume in one go!

It also has an inbuilt scoop washer and only requires a single 13 amp socket: giving you true flexibility in terms of placement.

To find out more about the Carrettino Classic display simply fill in the quick enquiry form above the image.

Standard features of the Il Carretino Classic include:

  • Flavours – 6, standard 5 litre Napoli containers with room to store an additional six below the display level.
  • Power – 230V / 50Hz / 1ph
  • Dimensions – 2000 (W) x 1285 (D) x 2081 (H) mm
  • Panel Finishes – Yellow with brown decals as standard. Alternative colours; brown, black and white are available on request.
  • Installation – standalone ‘plug-in’ (Please note: Il Carrettino is not designed for mobile use).
  • Refrigerant – Eco-friendly R290 Propane.
  • Refrigeration – Ventilated.
  • Defrost Cycle – Hot gas.
  • Climate Class – 4, 30ºC with 55% relative humidity.
  • Energy Class – C
  • Product Storage Temperature: –16 / -14 ºC
  • Glass – Straight, tempered.
  • Rear Closure – Tilting clear plexiglass on operators side.
  • Serving Area – Bright Stainless steel with built-in scoop wash and water tanks.

ISA Aria Logo 2Il Carrettino Classic is part of ISA’s Aria Project and operates with R290 Propane refrigerant which has a very low Global Warming Potential and complies fully with the 2020 changes to the F-gas regulations.

  • Automatic hot gas defrosting.
  • One piece body with ecological polyurethane insulation (HCFC and HFC free), foamed with CO2.
  • Internal tank and service top in stainless steel.
  • External base in painted sheet.
  • Tempered glass structure.
  • Straight front glass.
  • Sun curtain with side supports in tubular stainless steel.
  • Built-in hermetic condensing unit.
  • Main structure in carbon steel painted with powder.
  • 2 spoked wheels and one pivoting wheel.
  • This cabinet can be fitted with a double level of standard 5 litre Napoli ice-cream containers.
Standard equipment:
Scoop washer
Water tap
Ice Cream & Gelato

Ice Cream & Gelato

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ISA Carrettino Classic
ISA Carrettino Classic
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