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ISA – Kaleido Professional Ice Cream Cabinet

The ISA Kaleido ice cream display cabinet is a great way of generating more revenue by showing off your wonderful range of ice creams and gelato.

It looks great, shows off your product really well and is easy to serve from. The ventilated refrigeration system ensure that your gelato is presented in the best way possible.

Kaleido 18 & 24 flavour cabinets are available in ‘Dual-Zone’ configuration allowing the operator to set two different temperature zones ensuring that products are displayed and served at the perfect temperature.

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The ISA Kaleido professional display cabinet is available in a number of different configurations; three different choices of air flow around the cabinet allows you to ensure that whatever your product, it’s presented and served with perfection! The Kaleido is also available in two different heights; 117 or 135 cm to fit with most shop layouts and fits perfectly with the matching Kaleido Pastry display cabinet.

The three different airflow options are:

PLUS – Single evaporator with double front air out flow.

  • Climate Class: 7 – 35 °C / 75 %RH
  • Display inclination of 11º
  • Adjustable air out deflectors – NO
  • Ideal for standard Napolis

ISA PLUS Airflow

PLUS 1 – Double evaporator with single rear air out flow.

  • Climate Class: 4 – 30 °C / 55 %RH
  • Display inclination of
  • Adjustable air out deflectors – YES
  • Ideal for Napolis which have been ‘overfilled’ or ‘peaked

ISA Plus1 Airflow

PLUS 2 – Double evaporator with single rear air out flow.

  • Climate Class: 4 – 30 °C / 55 %RH
  • Display inclination of
  • Adjustable air out deflectors – YES
  • Ideal for Napolis which have been ‘overfilled’ or ‘peaked, ice lollies and ice cream cakes

ISA Plus2 Airflow

Standard features of the Kaleido  include:

  • Flavours – 12, 18 or 24, standard 5 litre napoli containers.
  • Dual Zone – available in 18 & 24 flavour configurations
  • Power – 230V / 50Hz / 1ph (12) and 415V / 50Hz / 3ph (18/24)
  • Dimensions – 1182 to 2172 (W) x 1198 (D) x 1182 or 1362 (H) mm
  • Panel Finishes –  front panel finished in black painted glass, side and lower panels in grey as standard. Alternative standard front panel finishes; Vetro Rosso, Pelli Di Struzzo and Alicrite are available at additional cost.
  • Installation – Standalone ‘plug-in’ or remote (requires additional options and specialist installation).
  • Refrigerant – R290 (PLUS) & R452A  (PLUS 1 & 2)
  • Refrigeration – Ventilated with adjustable air out deflectors on PLUS 1&2 models).
  • Defrost Cycle – Reverse cycle.
  • Climate Class – 7, 35ºC with 75% relative humidity (PLUS ONLY, PLUS 1&2 climate class 4).
  • Energy Class – E
  • Product Storage Temperature: –16 / -14 ºC
  • Glass – Straight with anti-condensation heating.
  • Rear Closure – Plexiglas sliding doors on the operators side.
  • Lighting – Energy efficient LED. Adjustable RGB LED lighting available on request.
  • Serving Area – Glacier White Corian™.
Ice Cream & Gelato

Ice Cream & Gelato

Ice Lollies


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