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Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Refrigerated display cabinets from Taylor UK keep your produce fresh for longer no matter the temperature. We have lots of fridge display cabinet options from pastry cabinets to grab and go cabinets for drinks and sandwiches, serve over displays and multi deck refrigerators. We also offer freezer display cabinets which are great for ice cream displays or frozen desserts. If you want to find out more, request a free consultation or give us a call on 0800 838896 to see which is the best chilled display cabinet option for your business.

ISA Multiplo

ISA – Multiplo Professional Pozzetti Counter

The ISA Multiplo is a professional pozzetti gelato counter which can be either supplied finished as a standalone counter or ‘unfinished’ to be built-in.

ISA Marin

ISA – Marin Upright Display Freezer

The ISA Marin is an upright, glass fronted display freezer that’ available with either static or ventilated refrigeration.

ISA Tornado 40

ISA – Tornado Upright Refrigerated Displays

The ISA Tornado is a truly flexible refrigerated display which can be supplied as a single door fridge, freezer or as a double door combination of the two.

ISA GE Freezer

ISA GE – Upright Storage Fridge or Freezer

The ISA GE is a back of house general purpose upright storage cabinet available as either a refrigerator or freezer.

ISA Labor 2021

ISA – Labor Upright Napoli Storage Freezer

The ISA Labor is a back of house freezer specifically designed to store freshly frozen ice creams and gelato.

ISA Zero Blast Freezers

ISA – Zero Blast Freezers

To preserve your ice cream and gelato in the best way possible or blast chill hot food in the safest way possible with a ISA Zero blast freezers.

ISA Multiview

ISA – Multiview Upright Display Fridge

The ISA Multiview is commercial refrigerated multideck unit. It’s available in four different widths allowing it to fit most applications like retail shops or even ice cream parlours.

ISA ACtion

ISA – Action Island Freezer

The ISA Action Island Freezer can be set as a fridge or freezer – great for flexibility so you can change your product ranges to reflect demands.

ISA Tahiti

ISA – Tahiti Panoramic Island Freezer

This Panoramic Island Freezer is perfect for placing at the endpoints of isles, pushing impulse buys – perhaps ice creams and lollies in the summer…

ISA Actor

ISA – Actor Professsional Spot Merchandiser

The Actor Professional Spot Merchandiser is an adjustable refrigerated display unit that can be moved to a variety of different positions and inclinations.

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