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Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Refrigerated display cabinets from Taylor UK keep your produce fresh for longer no matter the temperature. We have lots of fridge display cabinet options from pastry cabinets to grab and go cabinets for drinks and sandwiches, serve over displays and multi deck refrigerators. We also offer freezer display cabinets which are great for ice cream displays or frozen desserts. If you want to find out more, request a free consultation or give us a call on 0800 838896 to see which is the best chilled display cabinet option for your business.  

ISA Multiview

ISA – Multiview Upright Display Fridge

This commercial refrigeration unit is perfect for expanding your range – you can even chain multiple units together for a consistent look; making your food and drink professionally presented with ease. High quality, reliable refrigeration units. To find out more, please fill in the quick enquiry form above the product image. Ventilated refrigeration. Refrigerated display case, […]

ISA DialogSP Multideck

ISA – Dialog SP Refrigerated Multi Deck Display

This multi deck commercial refrigerator is one of our most popular units and it’s not hard to see why; if you need a professional fridge for your shop, cafe or canteen this is pretty much the one to choose! Great for a wide variety of product – cold drinks, sandwiches, fruit & veg, dairy and […]

ISA Slim

ISA – Slim Multideck

This Slim Multi-deck refrigerator from ISA is designed specifically for the display of dairy products and fresh pre-packaged products. It’s a great fridge for cafes, shops, bakeries and canteens looking to expand their range with an efficient and reliable multi-deck fridge. To find out more please fill in the quick enquiry form above the product […]

ISA Tornado

ISA – Tornado Upright Refrigerated Displays

This truly flexible refrigerated display can be supplied as a fridge, freezer or as a combination of the two. Keep soft drinks and beer perfectly chilled, serve up convenient frozen foods or display wonderful pastries and cakes – the Tornado is perfect for restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, corner shops & ice cream parlours. To find out […]

ISA Mistral

ISA – Mistral Curved Glass Upright Display

This refrigerator unit is perfect for merchandising cold drinks and fresh foods – temperature holds extremely well even with frequent door openings. So if you sell a lot of drinks you can count on this fridge to keep them cool even on busy days. To find out more please fill in the quick enquiry form […]

ISA Maxivision 2

ISA – Maxiview Upright Showcase

Perfect for showing off your frozen or fresh cakes, pastries and other treats the Maxiview Upright Showcase holds its temperature perfectly. For more information fill out the quick enquiry form above the image and one of our product experts will get in touch with you. Only available with remote condensing unit. Upright display cabinet with ventilated […]

ISA Blizzard

ISA – Blizzard Upright Display Freezer

The Blizzard Upright Display Freezer has height adjustable shelves for maximum flexibility in displaying your products. ISA are leaders in environmentally conscious commercial refrigeration technology – this energy saving freezer will cost you less to run than you think! To find out more please fill in the quick enquiry form above the image and one of […]

ISA Barrique

ISA – Barrique Vertical Beverage Display

The Barrique Vertical Beverage display is great for showing off a selection of wines – the better they look, the more you’ll sell! To find out more fill in the quick enquiry form above the product image and one of our product experts will get in touch. Vertical display case with ‘Roll Bond’ giving a large […]

ISA Tahiti

ISA – Tahiti Panoramic Island Freezer

This Panoramic Island Freezer is perfect for placing at the endpoints of isles, pushing impulse buys – perhaps ice creams and lollies in the summer and hearty ready meals in the winter? It’s up to you! It looks great, keeps temperature very well, has a lower environmental impact than other freezers – this could be […]

ISA ACtion

ISA – Action Island Freezer

The ISA Action Island Freezer can be set as a fridge or freezer – great for flexibility so you can change your product ranges to reflect demands. Either way your products will look great in this fridge/freezer. To get started with this great commercial fridge/freezer please fill in the quick enquiry form above the product image. […]

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