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Josper Combo Grill & Oven

The Josper Combo Grill & Oven is the perfect combination of two systems: the enclosed grilling system of the classic Josper charcoal oven and the traditional open Basque Grill in a single device.

The tandem of an oven and grill offers infinite gastronomic possibilities:

  • Triple or even quadruple braising area.
  • Versatility of elaborations and techniques.
  • Product sealing control.
  • Fast and agile temperature regulation.
  • Increase in speed and volume of production.
  • Reutilization of the heat energy.
  • Strong visual and show grilling component.
  • Uniform consumption of wood charcoal.
  • Uninterrupted service.

Josper Combo technical specifications (CVJ-050-2-HJX-25)

Total fire up time – 30 min average

Approximate charcoal daily consumption – 30 to 34 Kg

Broiling temperature – 250 to 350 ºC

Nominal heat output – 13,3 kW


  • CVJ-050-2-HJX-25
  • CVJ-050-2-HJX-45
  • CVJ-050-2-HJX-50

Standard accessories:

  • Firebreak
  • Firebreak hat
  • Grill racks
  • 2 Tongs
  • Poker
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Josper Combo grill and oven
Josper Combo grill and ovenJosper Combo grill and ovenJosper Combo grill and oven
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