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Taylor SB2150 Shaved Ice Blender

The Taylor SB2150 shaved ice blender is a ‘one station’ drinks system – get your ice, make your drink and rinse the pitcher all in one place – great for those with limited space!

Your business can serve any style of frozen drinks including thick shakes, frozen cocktails & mocktails, granitas & fruit slushes, smoothies and frozen coffees.

It’s great to fit on a spare bit of counter for those with limited space & its rinse station will help minimise the time taken to switch between different drinks. Each drink itself can be poured in just 9 seconds – allowing your business to sell up to 180 12oz drinks per hour!

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Machine type: High volume, multiple flavour

Power requirements: 2x 13amp socket (with rinse station)

Dimensions: 705mm (h) x 413mm (w) x 690mm (d)

Counter top only

Output: Up to 180, 12oz drinks per hour

Cleaning frequency: Daily

Ideal for all applications including; Cafes, Kiosks, Restaurants, Bistros, Bars, Takeaways

Strawberry Daiquiri Frozen Cocktail

Frozen Cocktails & Mocktails

Thick Shake

Thick Shakes

Frozen Granitas & Slushes

Granitas & Slushes

Frozen Fruit Smoothies

Frozen Smoothies

Frozen Coffees

Frozen Coffees


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Taylor SB2150 with Rinse Station
Taylor SB2150 with Rinse Station
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