Turbochef Rapid Cook Ovens

Rapid cook ovens & conveyors from TurboChef. Cook great hot food with these ventless* commercial ovens at up to 12 times the speed of conventional methods! Find out more below or click View Rapid Cook Ovens to see our range. 

Turbochef Rapidcook Ovens

Turbochef Rapidcook Ovens

TurboChef Rapid Cook Ovens & Conveyors

Turbochef Rapidcook Ovens

TurboChef Sota

Since it’s inception in 1991 TurboChef Technologies has been a pioneer of speed cooking, using proprietary technology which combines hot air impingement, infra-red heat transfer and microwave energy. The ovens can cook at up to 12 times faster than conventional methods without the operator having to compromise on the quality of the finished product they serve to their customer, all through a ‘ventless’ system*, which allows the operator to place the oven almost anywhere.

How the ovens work

Turbochef Rapidcook Ovens

TurboChef ECO

Precisely co-ordinated impinged hot air and radiant heat browns the outside of the food while evenly distributed microwave energy cooks the inside, resulting in rapidly cooked, high quality food. The integral catalytic converter system on most models allows for ventless* operation by scrubbing excess grease, particulates and odours from the cooking chamber. This allows TurboChef ovens to be sited almost anywhere giving operators the greatest flexibility possible in the smallest space.

Turbochef Rapidcook Ovens

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Features include: 

  • Turbochef Rapidcook Ovens

    TurboChef i3

    Speed – rapid cooking upto twelve times faster than conventional methods without compromising on quality and finish.
  • Reduced wastage – increased cooking speed allows more items to be cooked to order, reducing the need to hot hold items.
  • Energy efficient – TurboChef ovens use less energy when idle, costing less to operate than conventional cooking equipment.
  • Turbochef Rapidcook Ovens

    TurboChef FIRE

    Consistent and easy to use – once programmed, the oven cooks consistently regardless of the operator.
  • Customisable – the ovens can be programmed with upto 256 unique cooking profiles for maximum flexibility.
  • Ventless* – integral catalytic converter system reduces the need for expensive extraction hoods, allowing verstile placement.
  • Dual temperature operation – (i-Series) allows the oven to be used conventionally if necessary.

Turbochef Rapidcook Ovens

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*TurboChef’s ‘ventless operation’ is subject to the products being cooked. Operators looking to cook raw fatty proteins through the ovens will potentially overwhelm the internal catalytic system and as a consequence will require conventional extraction system. All TurboChef ovens, regardless of the products being cooked, will need adequate ventilation for cooling purposes and are not designed to be ‘boxed-in’ with other equipment, counter fixtures or enclosed in tight spaces.

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TurboChef Ovens
Vent-Less’ Technology* – the internal catalytic converter scrubs some of the grease and particulates from the cooking air, reducing the need for expensive extraction hoods.
Energy Efficient – TurboChef ovens well insulated and recirculate the hot cooking air reducing energy consumption, compared to conventional equipment, especially when idle.
High h Air Impingement – highly controllable, hot air impingement ensures the ovens achieve precise results FAST!.
Microwave Power – dual magnetron systems and internal stirrers ensure precise, powerful distribution of the energy.
Programmable – with between 128 to 256 pre-set menu items, TurboChef ovens can reproduce perfect results regardless of the operator.
Metal Cookware – the i-Series & conveyor ovens can all be used with standard metal baking trays.
13amp Version – the Sota is available in a single magnetron configuration making it accessible to almost all operators.
Turbochef Rapidcook Ovens

TurboChef Conveyors