Commercial Blenders

Blendtec commercial blenders are the market leaders in efficient blending solutions. The Blendtec Connoisseur 825 can blend an ice cream shake in as little as 14 seconds!

These highly efficient commercial blenders are perfect for busy restaurants, cafes, bars and ice cream parlours. The powerful motors and ‘blunt blade’ technology means they can blend soups, shakes, cocktails, smoothies, and much more in a matter of seconds! Read more below and click View Blendtec Blenders to see the range!

Blendtec Blenders

Blendtec Blenders

Blend Ice Cream Shakes in just 14 second!

Powerfully Innovative

There’s a reason Blendtec is called The World’s Most Advanced Blender. With technology to make blending simpler and more effective, Blendtec is the ultimate tool for helping you Feed Your Passion™.

Blendtec Connoisseur 825™

Blendtec Blenders

Blendtec Connoisseur

The Connoisseur 825 boasts industry-leading power and a wide range of state-of-the-art features designed to ensure speed, consistency, and quality with each and every order.

High Volume, Low Noise – For shops where noise is a consideration, the sound enclosure cuts down on blender noise, helping ensure an undisrupted atmosphere.

Durable High Speed Motor – Perfect for high-volume shops, the Connoisseur 825 is a workhorse built with longevity in mind. The 3.8 peak horsepower* motor easily powers through the toughest ingredients, like ice and frozen fruit, without skipping a beat.

Programmed Cycles –  Blendtec Connoisseur & Stealth blenders includes 42 pre-programmed cycles that can blend your most popular recipes with perfect consistency. Each cycle shuts off automatically, freeing up operators for other tasks.

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Blendtec Wildside+ Jar

Blendtec Blenders

Blendtec Widside+

The WildSide+ jar is the most coveted jar in the industry. With its fifth side and 4-inch blade, it’s like taking a sledgehammer to a frozen strawberry festival…. Strawberries pulverized in seconds!

The wide base makes it perfect for blending shakes made with ice cream. The larger blade can blend the product faster producing shakes faster without the need to add too much additional liquid.

Blendtec Blenders

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Blendtec Commercial Blenders
Blendtec Blenders
Blendtec Connoisseur 825

View Blendtec Blenders

Blend Shakes – blend soft ice cream into shakes in just 14 seconds!.
Blend Smoothies – turn fresh or frozen fruits in to amazing smoothies.
Blend Soups – prepare beautifully smooth soups and sauces.
Blend Cocktails – turn any ice into perfect cocktails at the touch of a button.
Save Time – the WildSide+ Jugs can blend twice as much in half the time!
Programable – Blendtec blenders store up to 42 different cycles to give perfect results every time.
Quiet – the sound enclosure reduces the blending noise, ideal for small bars and cafes.

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Blendtec Blenders

Blendtec Blenders

Blendtec Stealth 885

View Blendtec Blenders

Blendtec Blenders

Blendtec Wildside+ Jugs