Lovegelato? Make your own…Making your own gelato doesn’t have to be difficult, three simple steps and you’re done!

Lovegelato? Make your own…It’s true, you can spend weeks, months or even years learning the art of gelato making from some of the finest masters in Italy. But is that really necessary?

Join us for half a day at the Taylor UK demonstration centre in Slough and we’ll walk you through the process of making your own gelato, going from raw ingredients to finished products in a matter of hours.

NO Science, NO Mystery, No Worries!

We understand that your business is important to you and your new ideas should be your own. It’s for this reason we believe that individual one to one demonstrations are an important part of the process. Who wants to be crammed into a classroom with their potential competitors anyway?
Lovegelato? Make your own…
Areas covered in our FREE lovegelato introductory sessions include:



We work closely with a number of different ingredients suppliers. We can advise on the different options available to your from the dairy to stabilisers, right through to flavours and final presentation.

Talk to us. Wherever possible we’ll try to source specific ingredients to recreate a finished Gelato, Ice Cream or Sorbet as close to your desired end product as possible… whether that’s a fully Vegan frozen dessert or Gelato made from Goats milk, we’ll do what we can to help you get on your way.

Lovegelato? Make your own…Pasteurisation (making a base mix):

We walk you through the key stages of making a base mix through a Taylor by Frigomat automatic pasteuriser. Starting with fresh milk and cream, sugar and stabilising powders, we’ll heat the product to 85ºC and hold it there for 30 seconds before automatically chilling the product back down to 4ºC. During the process we’ll explain the important points which need to be achieved to ensure that the product which you produce is completely food safe and complies with the necessary regulations.

Lovegelato? Make your own…Flavouring and freezing your Gelato:

Once the base mix has been produced in the pasteuriser, we’ll go through the process of adding the individual flavours to each ‘batch’ then freezing it one of the Taylor by Frigomat batch freezers. We have two styles of batch freezer which we use; a fully automatic horizontal batch freezer and a more traditional vertical batch freezer. Operating the two types of batch freezer gives us the opportunity to show and explain the differences both in operation and also cost.

At this stage we encourage you to get involved… Hand’s on is the best way to learn and making a mess is all part of the learning process!

Lovegelato? Make your own…

ISA Gelato SuperShow

Storing and displaying your finished products:

Once we’ve all had a go at making our favourite flavour of Gelato, we’ll explain the various options when it comes to storing and serving your freshly made Gelato. Whether it’s displaying it straight in a cabinet and serving it whilst it’s still soft ‘Italian Style’ or blast freezing it to harden it up for greater shelf life and storage stability. We’ll discuss the pro’s and con’s of all the options and suggest the best method for your specific application.

Contact us today on 0800 838 896 or click on the ‘Request a Demonstration’ tab at the bottom of this page and your local Taylor UK area sales manager will be in touch to discuss your plans and arrange your FREE Lovegelato training demonstration.

The Taylor UK Demonstration Kitchen is conveniently located in the Slough Trading Estate just outside the M25, West of London, just 5 minutes from junction 7 of the M4 motorway. If you’re travelling by rail, the nearest train station is Burham which is on the mainline from Paddington heading West.

*PLEASE NOTE: All demonstrations are by appointment only, call us on 0800 838 896 to book your place to avoid any potential disappointment.

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