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ISA Ice Cream & Gelato Display Cabinets

ISA Ice Cream & Gelato Display Cabinets

ISA’s Aria Project – You can do your bit too…

ISA Ice Cream & Gelato Display CabinetsISA is leading the way in sustainable and ecologically responsible manufacturing. To comply with the changes to the European F-Gas refrigerant regulations on 2020, ISA is actively developing new eco-friendly versions of their refrigerated display cabinets which operate on either R744 Carbon Dioxide or R290 Propane refrigerants.

When you choose your next display cabinet, make sure that it has an eco-friendly refrigerant!

ISA Ice Cream & Gelato Display CabinetsCurrent ISA Ice Cream & Gelato cabinet models manufactured with eco-friendly refrigerants include, amongst others; Isabella, Isetta, Bermuda, Bermuda View, Millennium, Delta, Il Carrettino Classic & Carapine and 3d Show.

ISA Innovation…

ISA Ice Cream & Gelato Display CabinetsSide Launched Air Flow – ISA’s patented side airflow technology is found in the new Delta. It’s the only professional double row display cabinet on the market which can show two rows of 5-litre Napoli trays in a unit with a depth of ONLY 80cm!

ISA Ice Cream & Gelato Display CabinetsThe side launched airflow allows for dual temperature zones; one half for fat free or vegan products which may require a colder cabinet, the other for your traditional ice creams and gelatos. True flexibility…

ISA PLUS Airflow – Three different ventilation options enhance the technical performance of the latest generation of professional display cabinets like the SuperCapri and Stratos.

PLUS single front flow dual airflow evaporator. PLUS 1 double back-flow single-flow evaporator. PLUS 2 with double evaporator with double air delivery and back flow.

ISA Ice Cream & Gelato Display Cabinets

The PLUS 1 and PLUS 2 configurations have adjustable airflow fins allowing the effective height of the air curtain to be raised making these types of cabinet perfect for operators looking to present their freshly made gelato in beautiful peaks.

ISA Ice Cream & Gelato Display CabinetsNight Mode – selected models within the ISA professional range of ice cream and gelato display cabinets have a night mode to ensure that your products are stored at the optimum temperature. The automatic defrost cycle within the cabinet is delayed until morning keeping the temperature of the display constant preventing fluctuations which helps the preservation of your products.

Optional Dual Temperature Operation – Maximum flexibility and perfect management of seasonal cycles. The Dual Temperature function (optional extra on certain models – contact us for more details) allows the display case to pass easily from Ice Cream to Pastry, and vice versa, allowing you to have a multi-functional room with a single display cabinet.

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ISA Gelato Production & Storage…

ISA Ice Cream & Gelato Display Cabinets

Blast Freezers

If you manufacture your own amazing ice creams, gelato, sorbet, ice lollies, gelato cakes or any other frozen products, then a Blast Freezer is what you need. Designed to rapidly cool or deep freeze products quickly to preserve both their food safety and their quality, blast freezers are an important part of any kitchen or ice cream production facility. ISA’s ZERO Range of blast freezers come in a range of different cabinet capacities to suit any operation and the T8 OR model is specifically designed to double as a work counter for those with limited space. Each model can come equipped with specific grids for standard pastry or gastronorm trays or fitted with racks to specifically hold standard 5 litre Napoli Pans in the most efficient way possible.

ISA Ice Cream & Gelato Display Cabinets

Napoli Storage

Do you store a lot of ice cream or gelato? Then the ISA Labor storage freezer is the cabinet which you need. The upright design is specifically designed to accommodate up to 66 standard 5 litre Napoli containers making it one of the most efficient methods of ice cream storage available. The fan assisted static refrigeration with manual defrost ensures that even, consistent low temperatures are maintained, preserving your products in the best way possible. The ISA Labor is also available as a refrigerator option to give a matching refrigeration solution for those looking for a clean, uniform shop design.

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ISA Ice Cream & Gelato Display Cabinets

Easy to Brand Front Panel
Plug ‘n’ Play Installation – 13amp/Air Cooled

Castors Fitted as Standard
Static Refrigeration

Professional Displays

ISA Ice Cream & Gelato Display Cabinets

Ventilated Refrigeration

Choose from 4 to 24 Flavour Options in One Cabinet

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ISA Ice Cream & Gelato Display Cabinets
Multiple Ventilated Refrigeration Options; PLUS, PLUS1 & PLUS2

Multiple Temperature Zones; serve different styles of frozen product from the same cabinet
Night Mode; prevents the automatic defrost cycle ensuring product is kept at it’s best

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