Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Refrigerated Displays

ISA Refrigerated Display Cabinets

ISA Refrigerated Displays

ISA is a world leader in the design and manufacture of refrigerated display cabinets; both standalone ‘plug-in’ units and fully bespoke custom built counters. Best know for it’s extensive range of ice cream and gelato displays, ISA also offers a huge range of frozen, chilled or ambient retail display counters, storage units and display cases to suit any retail business whether that’s a specific ice cream parlour, coffee shop, supermarket, farmers market, deli bar, convenience store, concessions kiosk, to name but a few… ISA has a refrigeration display solution ideal for your business.

Pastry Displays & Serve Over Counters

ISA Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Stratos Pastry

To complement their extensive range of professional gelato displays, ISA manufacture refrigerated ‘pastry’ versions of a wide range of models; from the Millennium through to the 3DShow. Manufactured to be identical in size and appearance to their frozen counterparts, ISA’s range of pastry cabinets are the perfect option for those looking to create a professional looking run of cabinets in their store without the expense of designing bespoke units. Some models, like the SuperCapri Pastry, feature fully refrigerated display shelves above the main display area providing a complete chilled option, whereas models like the Diva Pastry have ambient shelves.

Chocolate Display Cases

ISA Refrigerated Display Cabinets

OneShow FREE

If you make your own handmade chocolate truffles and other chocolate products, then you need a dedicated display cabinet to preserve and showcase them in the best way possible. ISA offers ‘chocolate’ options in a number of the product ranges like the OneShow and Cristal Tower. Designed to maintain an even humidity and temperature of +14 to +16ºC, these dedicated cabinets fit along side the refrigerated and frozen versions creating a continuous run of matching display cases.

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Upright 360 Retail Displays

ISA Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Cristal Tower

Cristal Tower provides the customer with a complete, all round view of the products being displayed, maximising visual impact and generating impulse sales. The Cristal Tower is available in four different refrigeration options; chilled only, frozen only, combination (switchable from fully refrigerated to fully frozen) or for chocolates. The chilled models has the option of rotating display shelves to really maximise the visual impact. 

Retail Freezers & Checkout Cabinets

ISA Refrigerated Display Cabinets

ISA Action

If you sell a lot of pre-packaged retail packs of frozen items then a compact retail freezer could be the perfect addition to your shop to maximise add-on sales and impulse purchases. Checkout freezers like the ISA Action have a small foot print and the plug-in design means they can be located almost anywhere near tills and busy thoroughfares capturing additional sales. If you need something a little bigger, then the Tahiti range could be what you’re looking for.

Multidecks & Grab n‘ Go 

ISA Refrigerated Display Cabinets

ISA Metro Combi

Open front retail display refrigerators are a key part of any food retail business whether that’s a convenience store selling pre-packaged items or a sandwich or coffee shop displaying sandwiches, salads and the like for customers to choose and take away. ISA has a range of multideck displays like the Multiview which are available in a number of different widths allowing them to fit most applications, alternatively units like the ISA Metro can be specified in self-service options providing a great grab ‘n’ go solutions for smaller operators.

Storage Fridges & Freezers

ISA Refrigerated Display Cabinets

ISA Tornado

ISA offers a range of upright refrigerated storage cabinets. The Tornado is ideal for front of house storage applications as it has full length glass doors which allow full visibility of the products allowing either staff or customers to see into the cabinet without having to open the door, saving energy and preserving cabinet temperatures. The Tornado can be ordered either as a refrigerator, freezer or, in the double door version, a combination of fridge and freezer. For back of house applications, the freezer version of the ISA Labor is specifically designed to store up to 66 standard 5 litre Napoli containers, whereas the Labor refrigerator is ideal for storing your fresh ingredients.

Blast Chiller/Freezer

ISA Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Blast Freezers

The ISA Zero range of blast chiller/freezers are the perfect addition to any food service operation which prepares food and stores it for use at a later time. The Zero has multiple standard functions, controlled by a touch screen, allowing the operator to either blast chill products to +3ºC fridge temperatures or blast freeze items like gelato down to minus 18°C or below for long term preservation. Available in five different sizes and configurable with or without specific racking to hold Napoli containers.

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ISA Refrigerated Display Cabinets

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Multidecks & Grab ‘n’ Go Units – open fronted displays, perfect for busy retailers.

ISA Refrigerated Display Cabinets

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ISA Refrigerated Display Cabinets

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