Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Refrigerated Displays

ISA Panavision Frozen Dessert Display

ISA Panavision

ISA Ice Cream & Gelato Displays

Chilled Pastry Displays – available chilled, ambient or perfect for the preservation of chocolate products. Really showcase your products.

Self or Assisted service – Grab ‘ n’ Go refrigeration perfect for displaying drinks, sandwiches, pre-prepared menu items and so much more…

ISA Multiview

ISA Multiview

Multi-Deck Retail Refrigeration – display prepackaged food items, drinks, dairy products in the most eye-catching, attractive way possible.

Deli Serve Overs – Refrigerated serving counters ideal for the perfect preservation and display of cheeses, deli items and butchers products.

Retail ‘Impulse’ Checkout Cabinets – island displays, perfect for capturing extra sales from customers on the way to the check out.

ISA Metro ST

ISA Metro ST

Retail Freezers – perfect for small convenience stores, delis and supermarkets looking to sell pre-packaged frozen items.

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Pastry Displays – chilled or ambient displays for the perfect presentation of cakes, pastries & chocolates.
Refrigerated Counters & Serve Overs – custom cabinets to maximise your retail space.
Glass Fronted Refrigerators – ideal for the presentation of retail goods.
Multidecks & Grab ‘n’ Go Units – open fronted displays, perfect for busy retailers.
Retail Freezers – frozen displays in all sizes to fit most businesses from farm shops to supermarkets.
Blast Freezer & Storage – ‘back of house’ freezers and storage solutions.
Checkout Cabinets & Spot Merchandisers – island display cases ideal for promotional sales.

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