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Frigomat Titan 1 Horizontal Batch Freezer

The Frigomat Titan 1 automatic horizontal batch freezer is the results of more than 45 years of experience manufacturing ice cream and gelato making equipment.

A technologically advanced machine for professionals wishing to produce high quality frozen dessert products, ice creams and gelato in larger quantities with maximum efficiency, making it ideal for larger restaurants, hotels, ice cream parlours and dessert shops.

Manufactured in Italy by Frigomat to ensure that European equipment quality and technology standards are met.

Features of the Frigomat Titan 1 include:

Batch Size – Production from 4 Kg to 15 Kg per cycle.

Hourly Production – 75-90 Kg (approximately 5 to 6 batches per hour)

Electronic Control – Four freezing cycles:

  • Automatic freezing cycle to reach the ideal consistency (viscosity) according to the type and quantity of mix being frozen
  • Semi-automatic freezing cycle with consistency control
  • Slush cycle with consistency setting and continuous agitation
  • Slush cycle with timer control and cyclic agitation

The Frigomat Titan 1 automatically switches into a consistency preservation cycle at the end of each freezing cycle to maintain the product until the operator is ready to dispense the product.

High Precision – The electronic IES features a new consistency control system that further improves the precision during different working conditions.

Efficiency – The Titan 1has a highly efficient freezing cylinder with direct expansion gas technology. The stainless steel beater frame has removable, sprung scrapers which actively scrape the cylinder walls ensuring even freezing whilst maintaining maximum efficiency.

Two-Speed Beater – The beater has two speeds; standard for production and high speed for quick extraction. The extraction mode has a optional ‘extra-chill’ function to maintain the best product

Safety – The hopper grid incorporates a magnetic interlock switch preventing the machine from operating with either the hopper grid open or the door removed. The door features an additional safety grid to prevent objects entering the freezing cylinder during operation preventing injury or damage.

Easy Cleaning – A rinse tap and extendable hose is located in the front panel of the machine allowing for easy rinsing between cycles and end of day cleaning. The stainless steel shelf is height adjustable.

Power requirements: Three Phase Only

Dimensions: 520 (w) x 1390 (d) x 1420 (h) mm (air cooled)

Cooling: Air or Water Cooled

Capacity: 4 – 15  litres per Batch

Hourly Production: 75 – 90 KG per Hour (5-6 Batches)

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Frigomat Titan 1 Horizontal Batch Freezer
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